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About local use plaza

Last update date May 29, 2020


[important] About the reopening of business accompanied with cancellation of "new coronavirus infectious disease emergency declaration"

From purpose to carry out extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease thoroughly, we closed part of local use plaza, but accept telephone consultation and email consultation in all facilities from Monday, June 1. (2020/5/29 update)

Summary of local use plaza


We run place to stay of young man for general consultation and independence of puberty, youth such as truancy, stop-at-home, and local, young people's support plans cooperation with group and wards such as working NPO corporations, and, for the purpose of carrying out a coherent local activity, Yokohama-shi installs and is facility which NPO corporations run. (Yokohama-shi assistance business)


Young people from about 15 years old living in the city to 39 years old and the family

Business outline

  • General consultation (telephone consultation, visit to an office consultation, home visit)
  • Conduct of specialized consultation of young man with difficulties such as stop-at-home in ward office
  • Administration of place to stay of young man in convalescence from stop-at-home
  • Conduct of program of social experience, working experience
  • The making of local support organization concerned, cooperation with ward office and local network
  • The training, dispatch of support partner

Establishment time

From Monday through Saturday 11:00 to 19:00
※At establishment time of place to stay, please refer to each use plaza.


Every month third Monday, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays (from January 1 December 31 from January 3, December 29)
※Second Monday or fourth Monday is closed when third Monday is holiday

Homepage information for each use plaza

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Telephone: 045-260-6615

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