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Snuggle model life support project

Last update date August 2, 2018

Each one wears basic life, learning custom without there being in life poverty state by snuggle model life support project, and there being problem in nurture environment, and opening future course choice ono fuku for small junior high students brought up in home needing support, and depending on environment where we were born and raised and carries out life support, learning support to be able to live a life that we became independent.

Eligible peopleSocial security household and family in the life poverty state, small junior high student brought up in home that there is task in nurture environment, and needs support and the protector
Support contents

・Life support, learning support for the purpose of widening width of future choice
・Consultation support to eligible people and the protector

It is driven by administrationWe consign to corporations such as social welfare corporation, NPO corporation

We establish permanent place to stay and carry out life support, learning support


As a general rule, five hours for five days a week per day
※ As a general rule, the use is around two times a week per one eligible person
※ Ward and administration corporation discuss the standard mentioned above as principle and set frequency

The staff

Other than one person in charge, we place the necessary support staff according to number of people

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