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Yokohama model young man independence cram school

Last update date August 2, 2018


2013. 2.19 We chose administration corporations from 2013 to 2017. (the outside site)

We raise administration corporations from 2012.12.14 2013 to 2017.
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Summary of Yokohama model young man independence cram school 

It is aimed for support for the making of body, reconstruction of life rhythm to restore physical strength that decreased and improvement of living such as relation with another person through cohabitation targeting at young people that truancy, stop-at-home were in a state for long term.

Administration corporation

Non profit organization human fellowship
Homepage (the outside site) of non profit organization human fellowship

Eligible people

●Young man in stop-at-home state 15 years old or older under 40
●In addition, young man who needs support for independence

Business outline

● Conduct of life training 
Program to promote awareness as member of society who became independent, and to plan improvement of life rules
We devise of this and carry out
● Conduct such as labor experiences 
Of programs such as labor experience to let you breed view on work, volunteer activity experience
Development and conduct
● Conduct of special program 
Other than prescribed training to carry out for independence, administration corporation is enforced by own invention
Development of special program for the purpose of offer of more effective support to do and conduct

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