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Measure of securing of nursery staff

Last update date June 30, 2020

We maintain child-care facility for cancellation of waiting-list child in Yokohama-shi and lay emphasis on securing of nursery staff.
From the situation that is short of nursery staff of these days, we perform approach of securing of various nursery staff

We assist getameno expense in debt for nursery staff whom corporation running nursery schools in the city employs at the lodgings.
Please be careful every year as there is need to have you apply in each occasion.

For garden holding anxiety for adoption, fixation of nursery staff, we dispatch consultant about securing of nursery staff.
We perform securing of nursery staff such as method or duty condition of job offer and advice about prevention of quitting a job.

We established op-ed page of nursery staff of Yokohama-shi for job offer search engine "standby" that biz reach ran.

Childcare worker who does not have nursery staff qualification that child-care facilities in the city employ assists tuition that we needed to acquire nursery staff qualification.

Targeting at the city aiming at the acquisition of qualification using nursery staff examination in that does not have qualifications nursery staff working at child-care facilities,
We carry out measures course just before nursery staff examination.
Other than nursery staff examination common throughout the whole country, we perform measures course for local limited nursery staff examinations of Kanagawa just before that.

Nursery staff job interview society

We hold nursery staff job interview fair to plan matching with the city childcare company in cooperation with Hello Work in main object in so-called potentiality nursery staff who do not work as nursery staff now while having nursery staff qualification.

Visit to child-care facility society

We carry out visit party of child-care facility for students of nursery staff training facility to convey charm of child-care facility in the city.
As it becomes business to have you propose by the training facility unit, apply through the training facility.

Securing of Yokohama-shi nursery staff activity support subsidy

Childcare affiliate moving into action of securing of nursery staff such as the city child-care facilities assists for approach of securing of nursery staff performing originally in Yokohama-shi.
Offer of 2020 was finished.

By five prefectures of city combination of Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi, Sagamihara-shi and Yokosuka-shi, we perform consultation of jobseeker concerned with childcare, introduction, matching of workplace
We run "Kanagawa nursery staff, nursery school support center". (joint trust: Kanagawa Council of Social Welfare)

For nursery staff training facility graduand hoping for duty in child-care facility in the city, we carry out loan.
In addition, we exempt return of loan when we work as nursery staff after the graduation in child-care facility in the city for five years. (the conduct main constituent: Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare)

For the potentiality nursery staff whom engagement in child-care facility in the city decided, we carry out loan of employment liability reserve.
In addition, we exempt return of loan when we work as nursery staff for two years. (the conduct main constituent: Kanagawa Council of Social Welfare)

About expense required for coping with maintenance such as rest room or locker room for the purpose of environmental improvement of nursery staff in existing facility,
We carry out assistance.

Attractive PR of childcare of Yokohama

In Yokohama-shi, we publicize charm of childcare of Yokohama-shi by various methods such as SNS, leaflet or video positively.

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