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Securing of nursery staff consultant dispatch business

Last update date June 1, 2020

With securing of nursery staff consultant dispatch business

Lack of nursery staff becomes problem nationwide, and employment of nursery staff and facilities holding anxiety for fixation are increasing now in Yokohama-shi.
We dispatched "securing of Yokohama nursery staff consultant" for facility with such anxiety and trouble, problem and turned to solution of problem to hold of facility
We perform going zukinokikkakeninaruyona advice.

With "securing of Yokohama nursery staff consultant"

People who possess qualifications of nursery staff and social insurance consultant, and are rich in consultant experience to child-care facility "securing of Yokohama nursery staff consultant"
We have we do this, and Motoichi register and have you visit each facility.

About application

Application reception desk time limit

Until June 30, 2020

Target facility

Securing of nursery staff and the following facility which has anxiety for fixation

  1. The authorization nursery school
  2. Kindergartens and nursery schools cooperation type Center for Early Childhood Education and Care
  3. Small childcare business
  4. Yokohama nersery room


About contents requesting aim and problem, support, please fill out in detail as possible.

Application method

Please send to application after filling out required items and consultation contents at the following.

※Please assume title of name of attached file and email [○○ nursery school consultant dispatch application].

  • We apply by FAX: 045-550-3606

※You are addressed to the consultant dispatch person in charge, and please send.

Toward the facility where visit was over

Facility where visit of consultant was finished in all schedules,
Please submit "evaluation report about securing of Yokohama-shi nursery staff consultant dispatch business".


Registration to securing of Yokohama nursery staff consultant

In Yokohama-shi, it recruits "securing of Yokohama nursery staff consultants" at any time.
You see the following offer requirements, and please feel free to contact when you are interested.

Before application, please refer over telephone once.

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Telephone: 045-671-4469

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