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About infectious disease measures in childcare, educational facility

We place "infectious disease measures guidelines (2018 revised edition) in nursery school" and information about infectious disease report, infectious disease that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare revised in 2018.

Last update date July 2, 2020

"Infectious disease measures guidelines (2018 revised edition) in nursery school" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

We show basics of infectious disease measures in nursery school on the basis of characteristic of the infants period.

We publish reference style of "report of going to kindergarten" that "authorization" which necessary doctor fills out when child who contracted a disease makes going to kindergarten and protector fill out. When you set style in garden and facility, please use that one.

When infectious disease occurs in childcare, educational facility, please send report to ward Children and Families Support Division.

Reporting standard (2) of infectious disease report is total of the same infectious disease that occurred about when "person doubted according to due to the same infectious disease or food poisoning or them occurs 20% of more than ten people or all users" or more for period at 1:00. (not the number of people that occurred on the day)

New coronavirus related information

News from Yokohama-shi

Response to question

About supply given priority of ethanol for finger disinfection by country

※Guide of the purchase reaches facility which completed registration in exclusive site by June 24.

Notice for municipal nursery schools

Notices from Yokohama-shi

We publish notices from country and Kanagawa.

Notice from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

※As of May 15, we do not hit Yokohama-shi with area "removing designation of area that should carry out emergency measures". We will notify of correspondence separately from city in future when designation is canceled.

※Definition called (fever 37.5 degrees or more) disappeared from definition of "fever".

Notice from ministry of three prefectures

Notice from Cabinet Office

Notice from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Notice from Kanagawa

About the prevention of mosquito-mediated infectious disease

"Measures not to be bitten by mosquito", both of "measures to reduce outbreak source of mosquito, and not to increase mosquitoes" are necessary to prevent mosquito-mediated infectious disease.

  1. Around the facilities such as removal of garbage such as empty cans causing mowing and puddles such as conduct of outbreak source measures of mosquito, weed that lie hidden, and it is easy to be in place of mosquito tidy, and please prevent outbreak of mosquito as much as possible.
  2. To user when alert, and there is place (bush and thicket, pond, rainwater masu) that mosquito is easy to produce around the site shop of facility, post signboards as needed, and please enlighten measures not to be stabbed in by mosquitoes such as wearing of long sleeves, pants, use of repellent for user.

About measles, rubella

Request about thorough measles measures in childcare, educational facility

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