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Result of a measurement of municipal nursery school (Kohoku Ward)

Last update date March 6, 2019

It is accompanied that "Mike Rothe pot" was confirmed around road gutter rainwater Masu in Kohoku Ward

About result of a measurement of radiation dose in municipal nursery school in Kohoku Ward

As radiation dose of price that was higher than the outskirts was confirmed in around road gutter in Kohoku Ward, it was urgent and, at place where we might approach routinely in municipal institution nursery school in Kohoku Ward which took child of infants said to that it was easy to be affected by radiation, measured radiation dose about "Mike Rothe pot" (place where radiation dose of price that was higher than the outskirts was measured) and point where it might be.

About the measurement of 1 radiation dose

(1) The measurement day

Sunday, September 18, 2011 9:30 a.m. ...

(2) Conduct facility number and the measurement point number

All 95 municipal nursery school 7 gardens (each 10-22 gardens) in Kohoku Ward

(3) Measurement location

In places where children may approach in facility, we make place that is more likely to become "Mike Rothe pot" type and choose measurement location. In addition, of evaluation of measurements measure the childcare room or the center of garden to refer to.

(1) The lower part (thing connected directly with sewage is excluded.) of rain pipe (eaves trough) and the outskirts
(2) Gutter and the outskirts (in gutter which the upper part opens gutter lid decrease)
(3) Of rainwater Masu, filthy water Masu decrease, the outskirts
(4) Accumulation place (places where we gathered by place, wind and rain which we collected by place, cleaning that came off under tree, the hedge naturally naturally) of dead leaf
(5) Private vegetable garden
(6) Turf, the surface of moss
(7) Place that we slipped from slide (for playground equipment, evacuation) and went down
(8) Someone's roof, terrace (place that rainwater, dust accumulate) where we can go in and out of
(9) Sandbox
(10) Pool
(11) Outdoor washhand stand
(12) The center of garden
(13) Nersery room (one room of 1F)

(4) Measuring equipment

NaI (TI) scintillation detector TCS-172B (product made in Hitachi Aloka Medical Corporation)

(5) The measurement contents

We measure surface of the earth 1cm, 5cm, space γ (gamma) dose of radioactivity of 50cm after the cleaning before cleaning

(6) Result of a measurement

Children might approach and, around place considered to be more likely to become "Mike Rothe pot", measured, but were less than 0.59μSv/h that was used all as an indication of the re-measurement.

In addition, at place (one) where sand deposited in the roof where people do not enter routinely, value beyond 0.59μSv/h is measured.

List of result of a measurement (PDF: 73KB)

About cleaning activity of 2 municipal institution nursery schools

Regardless of result of the measurement, we carried out cleaning about "Mike Rothe pot" and place where it might be in site to grasp effect of prompt point of view and cleaning that we coped with as possible in the municipal nursery school which kept infants said to that it was easy to be affected by radiation.

We removed soil, stone, dead leaf, moss in applicable point, gorge such as dust. In addition, about thing which we removed, we seal up in double plastic bag and, for prevention of scattering, we cover with blue seats and keep temporarily in place where children do not approach.

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