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Childcare, education concierge

Last update date May 22, 2019

Is it childcare, education concierge ttenaani?

Childcare, education concierge gives protector about imprisonment of child before attendance at school advice and, other than the authorization nursery school, provides information about childcare services such as custody business, kindergarten custody childcare at Yokohama nersery room and 1:00. For the purpose of relating childcare services to protector needs appropriately, we place in Children and Families Support Division of each ward.

Childcare, education concierge does something like this.

(1) Consultation duties about the use such as childcare services

We give protector that childcare is hoped for over ward office window or telephone advice and perform reporting such as childcare services that were correct in individual needs. There is ward carrying out consultation except window including local child care support base and infants medical examination venue.

(2) After follow duties to person who was not able to enter nursery school

We inform family who was not able to enter as a result that we were applied to nursery school (was reserved) of follow from childcare, education concierge in after. We inform of information such as substitute child-care facilities while confirming the childcare situation at the point in time and intention over telephones.
(note) when know the plans of imprisonment of child when was not able to enter with applications, may not contact.

(3) Intelligence duties such as childcare services

We gather various information about childcare services of in ward and neighborhood ward to be timely, and to inform of information that matched needs of each family.

With childcare services…

The authorization nursery school, Yokohama nersery room, homey childcare business, small childcare business, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, private nursery school custody childcare, temporary childcare, infants are caretakers at one time.

At such time, please consult with childcare, education concierge!

Not crowded

  • What does childcare service of Yokohama-shi have?
  • We want to work at own pace several times in week, and still is there place to leave child at?
  • Will it be by custody childcare of kindergarten?
  • How does the space situation of nursery school as of now turn out?
  • Though we did entrance application for authorization nursery school, we have been reserved. What should imprisonment of child do?
  • Is there place to leave where we sometimes leave child and want to be refreshed?

Lifestyle varies. Childcare, education concierge helps to be able to find the most suitable imprisonment for home. As you put yourself in protector's shoes and hear story and guide about various childcare services clearly, please feel free to contact.

List of each ward childcare, education concierge reference

Each ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division ※Area code is (045)

List of each ward childcare, education concierge reference
The ward namePhone numberThe ward namePhone number
The west320-8472Green930-2331
Medium224-8172Green leaves978-2428
The south341-1150Tsuzuki948-2463

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