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Meals such as nursery schools

Last update date April 9, 2020

About "Japanese meal intake standard" (2020 version)

Notice of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

About meal of child

Point of process of baby food

Baby food recipe

Quantity of recipe becomes for one, but is easy to make when we do to quantity of around 5 times when we make. When we make in a mass for one week and we subdivide and cryopreserve by 1 batch, we can prepare quickly when we are busy.

Meal of 1-2 years old child

Popular menu introduction of nursery school

Nursery school school lunch menu which preschooler thought about

In municipal nursery school, raise menus (main dish or snacks) wanting to start in nursery school school lunch in 2011; "let's think together! We held kyushokuno menu. We think about menu of school lunch as part of food education between children although being a pleasure, and this is intended that we have school lunch of * feel closer. There was application from 45 garden out of 96 garden and selected the "best menu" "excellence menu" by three points.

Selection result, recipe

The seventh food education promotion national convention

We exhibited in the seventh food education promotion national convention as Yokohama City nursery school.
As we publish state of the day, please see by all means!

The seventh food education promotion national convention

Character introduction

Illustration of stone

The name:


Pride waza:

The first be idle well. After having played a lot; stomach "stone!"

The second eat rice deliciously. When stone loving to eat eats rice; always "berigu!"

The third sleep relaxedly. Play a lot, and sleep well after having eaten deliciously; and "stone!"

Illustration of stone

Distribution thing about food education

  • Food education leaflet (PDF: 1,843KB)[November, 2005 issuance]
    For protectors, we made to have importance of meal double-check in format to introduce food education of nursery school to.
  • Food education sugoroku (PDF: 1,257KB)(as for the sugoroku All rights reserved) [November, 2005 issuance]
    For children, we made to be able to get close to food education while playing at home.

About offer of food in event

When we perform cooking of food and sale by events such as nursery school or kindergarten, we need report. As for the details, please see the following pages.

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