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The city tax tax payment by fund transfer

Last update date June 15, 2020

It is convenient system that we can pay by standing order from account of financial institution of designation on day of deadline of the delivery when we will apply for the fund transfer tax payment once. Please use! (when owner is changed by changes of joint owner, application for fund transfer is necessary again.)

※Financial institution handling fund transfer becomes bank with mention in lists (City of Yokohama, Office of Accounting page) such as Japan Post Bank (post office) of the whole country and this bank. But, in the case of application by "page fund transfer acceptance" to explain below, financial institution to be able to handle is different.

The handling items of taxation

  • Municipal tax, prefectural tax (for the normal collection)
  • Property tax, urban planning tax (land, house)
  • Property tax (depreciable assets)

※But for month cannot use fund transfer at any time.

Transfer method

We can choose either following at the time of application.
(1)kakukishin* (we change kibetsuzeigaku on day in deadline of the delivery of each deadline.)
(2)The entire period payment in advance transfer (we change the amount of annual tax on day in the first deadline of the delivery.)

Procedure method

(1)New application
①Application for financial institution, Japan Post Bank (post office) (we need report private seal) at window

For more details, please see explanation of fund transfer application method.

②Application (we need report private seal) by mail

For more details, please see explanation of fund transfer application method.

③Page fund transfer reception desk (as a substitute for report private seal unnecessary bank cards)

For more details, please see explanation of page fund transfer reception desk service.

(2)Change of transfer account
 If we have you apply newly newly in financial institution in hope of fund transfer, and announcement of account change completion reaches, procedure of the cancellation of a contract, please in financial institution canceling the use of fund transfer.
 In addition, procedure for cancellation of a contract is unnecessary if account has been already canceled.
(3)We become only window receptionist of the cancellation of a contract (financial institution or Japan Post Bank (post office)).)
 I would like procedure with financial institution store in the city or "request for Yokohama-shi city tax fund transfer book" provided for Japan Post Bank (post office). (or please call Finance Bureau tax payment management section (account charge), and please order.)

Deadline for application and transfer day

Inquiry to this page

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