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Local taxes common tax payment system

Last update date August 4, 2020

Summary of local taxes common tax payment system

Local taxes common tax payment system is electronic structure which can pay its tax from PC of home and the workplace to all metropolis and districts, municipalities using local taxes portal site "eLTAX" which local taxes combination mechanism runs. The tax payment to plural local public entities is possible and can push forward desk work to affect payment, the delivery by one operation effectively.

Items of taxation that are targeted for the handling

  • Municipal tax, prefectural tax (for special collection)
  • Municipal tax, prefectural tax (for the delivery report to affect Retirement income)
  • Corporation municipal tax
  • Office tax

※Payment of arrearages is possible, too.

The tax payment method

The tax payment by Internet banking

There is method to log in to Internet banking screen, and to put from method to change from screen of PCdesk, and to put and homepage of each financial institution. When we put from page of financial institution, it is necessary to input payment information ("storing organization number" "payment number" "confirmation number" "payment division").

The tax payment in ATM

We choose payment in page in ATM with peijimaku established by financial institution and we input payment information ("storing organization number" "payment number" "confirmation number" "payment division") and pay our tax.

The tax payment by direct method

We pay the amount of tax payment from financial institution account which user registered beforehand and are method to pay its tax.


  • In the case of payment, the delivery, please assume municipality cord "141003" (cord of Yokohama-shi).
  • When we pay our tax, receipt paper is not issued by local taxes common tax payment system. When receipt paper is necessary, please use the tax payment at window of financial institution.
  • Issuance of tax payment certificate is enabled about 3-9 days after day when we paid. Please use the tax payment at window of financial institution for confirmation of payment for a certain period of time when gakakamasunode needs certificate immediately.

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In the use, preparations for use report and PC environment are necessary. Detailed guides such as target financial institutions look at eLTAX homepage (external link) (the outside site).
eLTAX Help Desk Phone number 0570-081459
When is not connected by the Phone number mentioned above, Phone number 03-5521-0019
<Reception hours> From 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays)

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