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Personal residence tax amount of a tax simulation (the amount of a tax estimate, report making)

Last update date April 30, 2019

From withholding slips, we estimate the amount of a tax of your personal municipal tax, prefectural tax and can make report of municipal tax, prefectural tax.
Made report prints with printer, and, after checking contents, please submit to Tax Division City Tax Section of ward office to attach required documents, and to live by bringing or mail (with E-mails you cannot submit.) .

And we offer the amount of a tax estimate for 2018 and report making service (for 2019) for 2019.

When estimate of (for 2019) cannot select for 2019 when we accessed site, please update indication of browser in the latest information.

※Please read "2019" about listed point in "2019".

※Former page is run from here by trust supplier whom Yokohama-shi examined appropriately.

※This service supports Internet Explorer 9-11 (except store application version), Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari.

※When we estimate the municipal tax, citizen of the prefecture amount of a tax, we cancel popup block function, and it is necessary to have active script (javascript) remain in effect. You confirm setting of tool bar of browser and browser of errand, and please confirm that popup block function becoming invalid, active script (javascript) become effective.

About Web accessibility correspondence (the outside site)

About indication of oldness and donation (the tax payment)

When we pay oldness and donation (the tax payment), we can estimate oldness and donation (the tax payment) sum (called "the amount of upper limit" as follows.) that the total amount except self-burden 2,000 yen is subtracted.
About estimate result of the amount of upper limit, please see "indication of the amount of hometown tax that the total amount except self-burden 2,000 yen is subtracted" in "donation tax credit" column in "breakdown of the amount of a tax estimate" of "the amount of a tax estimate result" lower part.

※When we will perform hometown donation (the tax payment) during the rest of the year as donation amount of a tax deduction is calculated by income, income, subtraction of age that performed oldness and donation (the tax payment), deduction calculated in this year by income, income, subtraction is subtracted by municipal tax, prefectural tax in the next fiscal year.
By this service, we estimate the personal municipal tax, citizen of the prefecture amount of a tax for 2018 (for 2019) for 2019 and estimate the amount of upper limit based on the amount of a tax.
Therefore it may be different from real calculation result. Estimate result, please be just used as an indication.

Interruption, stop of service

When we correspond to the next reason, we stop a part of the service or all or this service may stop.

  1. When we perform update of device, system for service offer or maintenance check
  2. When, by inevitability including fire, blackout, offer of service is difficult
  3. When we recognize as other need

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