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Type special welfare for severely disabled people such as public pensions

Last update date May 29, 2020

It is "special welfare for severely disabled people system" that there is toward the person with a disability who does not receive Disability Basic Pension by not having joined during any participation period of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), and was founded as measures of the welfare in consideration of special circumstances that occurred in the development process of National Pension System.

(1)Student (note who was targeted for any participation of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) before March, 1991…Night school, night class/night school, communication system are excluded)
(2)Spouses such as people who joined Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin) which was National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) option admitted persons before March, 1986
In (1) mentioned above, (2) corresponding to either
For disease and injury that we produced during any National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) period when we did not join, it is Disability Basic Pension in state of 1.2 grade now
※But we limit to obstacle corresponded to in state by the day before of day when it reaches 65 years old. In addition, about request, it is necessary to perform by the day before of day when it reaches 65 years old.

  • Disability Basic Pension which corresponds to the first grade………Monthly basis 52,450 yen
  • Disability Basic Pension which corresponds to the second grade………Monthly basis 41,960 yen

※Allowance is revised depending on change of degree prices every year.
※Depending on income of case and the person that the person receives other pension , supply may be had adjustment (or we stop) of.

We accept request in ward office National Pension Plan Section of ward to live.
In addition, we go by pension mechanism in Japan about authorization, supply.

Please be careful!

・Benefit is paid from for next month of request month. In addition, it may take several months until real payment as we will confirm the past situation. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
・Person who received payment of benefit can receive exemption of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) premium by application.

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