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News of "correspondence of specific medical checkup" by emergency declaration to affect new coronavirus infectious disease and "early consultation campaign cancellation"

Last update date August 4, 2020

About specific medical checkup

During period of emergency declaration in Kanagawa, we canceled conduct of specific medical checkup, but, based on emergency declaration to affect new coronavirus infectious disease, reopened from May 26 following the fact that it was canceled on May 25.
In addition, instructions when we have you have a medical examination are as follows.

  • As the acceptance systems with each medical institution may be different, based on trend of new coronavirus infectious disease, consultation, please after confirmation to family medicine and consultation planned medical institution beforehand.
  • Specific medical examination of physical condition when is good, please have a medical examination. We would appreciate your refraining from consultation of medical examination without overdoing it when there is poor physical condition such as fever, a cough.
  • For prevention of infection spread, I would like cooperation of mask wearing during medical examination.
  • We follow Reception hours, and I would like cooperation in preventing crowd, closeness.

About early consultation campaign

We decided to cancel conduct taking the situation of new coronavirus infectious disease into consideration about consultation campaign in specific medical examination early stage.
Therefore, we would appreciate your understanding.

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