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About convenience store payment of National Health Insurance charges

Last update date April 1, 2020

We can pay National Health Insurance charges at convenience store.

Only printed payment notice of bar code is available for the use of convenience store.
Payment notice of National Health Insurance charges that I sent from Yokohama-shi became "bar code payment notice which the handling could make even convenience store (convenience store) into with".
We can pay anytime without adding bar code payment notice with to the conventional handling window (financial institution and post office), and minding time on day because it is available at convenience stores of the whole country.

Payment notice sample (image)

Payment notice image

Available convenience store (as of April 1, 2020)

YAMAZAKI daily store
New YAMAZAKI daily store
YAMAZAKI special partnership
Person of life Aya
Living house
Three eight
Lawson Three F
Community store
Sweetbrier club
MMK (multimedia kiosk) setting shop
※As receipt becomes paid proof, please keep carefully for two years.
※At convenience store, it deals only with payment for cash.
※Like until now, payment at financial institution of payment notice back side mention and post office window is possible, too.

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