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About fourth-class mail mixed Vaccinations

Last update date March 15, 2019

In fourth-class mail mixed vaccine which added inactivating Polio (*) to conventional three kinds mixture from November 1, 2012
We carry out inoculation.
(by three kinds mixture or inoculation remaining as for child who has already started inoculation with independent inactivating polio vaccine
We can inoculate in fourth-class mail mixed vaccine.)

When have receive inoculation using "three kinds mixture vaccination coupons", is Cooperating Medical Institutions; for "fourth-class mail mixture"
We renew and use.

(*) About inactivating polio vaccine
Inoculation by three kinds mixture completes inactivating polio vaccine, and inoculation of Polio is not completed
It is vaccine which child uses.

With diphtheria, 100 days cough, tetanus, Polio

(a) Diphtheria (Diphtheria)
It takes place by droplet infection of diphtheria bacillus. By vaccination, as for the number of the patient outbreak, 0 a year continue now.
However, remaining person is bacteria carrier whom symptom does not appear only by symptom being given to around 10% of people even if diphtheria is transmitted,
We may be infected through the person.
We are infected with throat, but are infected with nose mainly. Symptom is high heat, sore throat, a cough of Inuboe (kembo) state (yo)
We have films called false membrane and may be suffocated by (a cough that dog called hopping barks), vomiting.
Attention is necessary to have possibilities to cause myocardium disorder and nerve paralysis by toxin to give of bacteria 2-3 weeks after attack.
In the early 1990s, it was prevalent in Russia which vaccination rate decreased.
It may be prevalent again in Japan when we do not continue being vaccinated.

Droplet infection: Virus and bacteria be wrapped in small saliva and respiratory tract secretion by a cough or sneezing
It is to be infected with people in the range of jumping out, about 1m in the air.

(i) 100 days cough (Pertussis)
It takes place by droplet infection of a cough bacteria for 100 days.
The number of patients decreased since inoculation of a cough vaccine began for 100 days, but is domestic university in 2007; outbreaks
It was reported. A cough is seen for puberty characterized by a lingering cough, 100 days of adult and is in the source of infection to infants recently
As there is aggravated example, let's be careful.
A cough begins for symptom such as a normal cold for 100 days. A cough becomes severe, and we do face red-hot, and a cough is crowded continually successively
yoninarimasu. As we breathe in breath after a cough suddenly, sound blowing flute comes out.
Heat does not usually come out. Infants cannot breathe for a cough, and lips are bluer (cyanosis), and convulsions
We may get up. Severe complications such as pneumonia or brain fever are caused in baby/infant and may lose our life.

(u) Tetanus (Tetanus)
By tetanus bacillus not infecting from Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens, and bacteria which there is in soil entering the body of Homo sapiens at wound
We are infected. When bacteria increase in body, for toxin to give of bacteria, mouth does not open and wakes up convulsions,
He may die. Half of patients infects for light wound of degree not to notice in the person and people in circumference.
There is always at opportunity to be infected to need bacteria in soil.

(e) Polio (Polio)
It was also called "polio", and Polio has ever repeated the fashion in our country until the early 1960s,
By effect of Vaccinations, natural infection in the country is not reported now.
However, outbreak of Polio by stock poliovirus even now wild in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan
Possibility that Japanese are infected with Polio in these areas because there is, and poliovirus enters Japan
There is.
Poliovirus infects from Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens. Virus excreted in stool of infected person enters at entrance,
We multiply with throat or the bowels and are excreted in flight for several weeks.
Most people are asymptomatic, but cold-like symptoms such as sore throat, fever are seen in around 5% even if infected.
In addition, aseptic meningitis develops in 1-2% of infected person, but is relieved in 2-10 days.
However, the paralysis is caused, and about 1 of 1,000-2,000 people of infected person may leave motor deficit as aftereffects.
By the way, respiratory failure is caused and may die.

Method of Vaccinations

DPT-IPV (diphtheria, 100 days cough, tetanus, Polio) fourth-class mail mixed vaccine and DT (diphtheria, tetanus) two kinds mixed vaccine
We use and inoculate as follows. As there is much number of times, let's be careful about inoculation leaks.

[standard schedule]

(a) The first initial vaccinations and booster shot※
While, for the first, is within from 3 months to 90 months after birth; three times of initial vaccinations (leave interval of from 20 days to 56 days),
We inoculate four times of plans of one time of booster shot (time that passed after three times of initial vaccinations in from 12 months to 18 months), fourth-class mail mixed vaccine
(booster shot when we hurry inoculation by circumstances leaves six months or more intervals after initial vaccinations and performs.)
It was important to receive as we were able to decide, but interval has opened by poor physical condition surely to turn on immunity
Please inoculate the predetermined number of times into case without starting again from the beginning.
For more details, let's talk with family medicine.
※Child who has already started inoculation by three kinds mixture will inoculate four kinds of remaining inoculations in mixed vaccine.
(★) Child whom inoculation of three kinds mixture completes independent inactivating polio vaccine, and inoculation of Polio does not complete
It is vaccine to use.

(i) The second inoculation
We inoculate two kinds of mixed vaccine once in during under 11 years old - 13 years old for the second.

[age that we can get free]
(a) The first initial vaccinations and booster shot
Within 7 years old and a half more than three months after birth (until the day before of day becoming 7 years, 6 months old)

(i) The second inoculation
Under 11 years or older 13 years old (until the day before of 13-year-old birthday)

Vice-reaction of vaccine

Red of inoculation part is enlarged (it is fine), and main vice-reaction of fourth-class mail mixture (DPT-IPV) vaccine is indurated (stiffness),
As vice-reaction except inoculation part, fever, feeling change, nasal mucus, cough, rash, appetite decline, red, vomiting of throat are reported.
In addition, shock, anaphylaxis, thrombocytopenic purpura, encephalitis, convulsions are reported by serious vice-reaction.

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