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About the furtherance of "re-inoculation expense" for person who lost immunity by bone marrow transplantation

Last update date December 25, 2019

  When immunity that it got disappears, and it is necessary for Vaccinations which already went by bone marrow transplantation to be vaccinated again, the expense is paid.
  Therefore we start subsidy program of Vaccinations expense to plan spread prevention of infectious disease and reduction of financial burden in Yokohama-shi.
  Prior application is necessary in the use of system.
  Person that application is hoped for, please contact Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security section (045-671-4190) beforehand.

Target person

  Person who meets all following requirements
  (1)Of routine immunization (Vaccinations of child) that has been inoculated by bone marrow transplantation operation, chemotherapy or other medical acts
    Being judged that we cannot expect protective efficacy by doctor.
  (2)In the day to receive re-inoculation of Vaccinations, there is Address (resident registration) in Yokohama-shi with under 20 years old.

Target Vaccinations and the number of times

  With vaccine which has been already inoculated as routine immunization of child child setting by vaccination
  Thing that re-inoculation is necessary by having cured
  But the upper limit age is in some vaccine.
 ・Hib disease [the upper limit age: under 10 years old]
 ・Pneumococcal disease [the upper limit age: under 6 years old] of children
 ・Hepatitis B
 ・Diphtheria, 100 days cough, tetanus, Polio (four kinds of mixture) [the upper limit age: under 15 years old]
 ・Diphtheria, tetanus (DT)
 ・Tuberculosis (BCG) [the upper limit age: under 4 years old]
 ・Measles, rubella (MR)
 ・Japanese Encephalitis
 ・Human papillomavirus infectious disease (HPV)

The system start date

 We start receptionist of application  on January 6, 2020.
  (for Vaccinations which we inoculated again after April, 2019.)
   About procedure for details, please contact healthy safe section (045-671-4190).

The furtherance amount of money

  Vaccination rate that we paid at window of medical institution
  (expenses required for document charges, transportation expenses to affect going to hospital, associated treatment do not include.)

The furtherance method

  Medical institution is expected to pay inoculation expense once and will refund inoculation expense later from Yokohama-shi.


  Prior application is necessary before inoculating again to use system.
  Person that application is hoped for, please contact Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security section (045-671-4190) beforehand.
  (but excluded toward the inoculation finished at the time of system start)
  In addition, reasons book such as family doctor is necessary.

  In addition, about refund, we will inform about refund method of expense after the prior application.
  Please see the following "flow of procedure" about a series of flows  
  "Flow (PDF: 173KB) of procedure" (PDF: 177KB)


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