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About rotaviral vaccine Vaccinations

Last update date August 14, 2020

Routine immunization of rotaviral vaccine begins

We can inoculate in Cooperating Medical Institutions in the city as routine immunization from October 1, 2020.

※When we inoculate rotaviral vaccine before September 30, 2020, not routine immunization, it becomes any inoculation and, not free (public money) inoculation, is paid in full.

* Eligible people
 It applies to child born after August 1, 2020.
 To target child, is necessary for two months, inoculation after birth; pre-; examine, and send votes by individual notice.
 ※When documents do not arrive though it applies, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact Vaccinations call center (045-330-8561).

With rotaviral gastroenteritis

Rotavirus which invaded from mouth infects intestinal tract and develops. Even if infection power is very strong and gets a grip in hand-washing or disinfection, it is difficult to prevent infection, and most children infect to the house of infants.
Diarrhea and vomiting are cured in around one week, but if diarrhea, vomiting become intense, dehydration may be caused and is infectious disease that there is the most in hospitalization of acute gastroenteritis of infants.
It is virus transmitted many times during life, but when we were infected with rotavirus for the first time, it is easy to be aggravated in particular and may rarely have an influence on brain and kidney, and attention is necessary.
As we may be infected after the life immediately, inoculation of vaccine will let you complete at early time.

Method of Vaccinations

There are two kinds in rotaviral vaccine and is vaccine drinking both in live vaccine (virus which we attenuated). There is not difference in protective efficacy and safety, but please inoculate either vaccine into two vaccine after consultation with doctor of medical institution in consideration of inoculation schedules with other vaccine as the inoculation number of times is different.
In addition, please inoculate vaccine which you inoculated first after the second as it is not possible to change type of vaccine halfway in principle.
As it is period when inoculations of much vaccine [Streptococcus pneumoniae, hepatitis B for Hib (hibu), children] occur at the same time, it, please consider after consultation with doctor of medical institution to inoculate in conjunction with other vaccination at the same time.
You are inner [from two months after birth to birth 14 weeks six days later], and please complete all inoculation during inoculation period when the first is standard. (initial vaccinations after 0 days later does not recommend for birth 15 weeks.)

About rotaviral vaccine
Vaccine name

Lota RIX (1 value)

[oral weakening the poison straight Homo sapiens rotavirus vaccine]

Lota tech (5 values)
[5 values oral weakening the poison straight rotavirus vaccine]

Inoculation time
(age that we can get free)

From birth six weeks 0 days later to birth 24 weeks 0 days laterFrom birth six weeks 0 days later to birth 32 weeks 0 days later
The inoculation number of timesTwice (we leave 27 days or more intervals)Three times (we leave 27 days or more intervals)

Vice-reaction of vaccine

Please perform enough observation to have possibilities to rarely have anaphylactic symptom (rash, dyspnea by allergy to vaccine) as heavy vice-reaction of the day of the inoculation.
In addition, it is in memoir which risk of intussusception is sublimed into than usual during about 1-2 weeks after receiving inoculation.
"We are dead tired, and there is we look pale" "blood in stool appears" "we vomit" "ninattario displeased to be in a good mood repeats" itself "we cry intensely suddenly" as symptom of intussusception.
Case that these symptoms were one, and was seen please always have a medical examination in medical facility immediately when states are different.

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