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About Japanese Encephalitis Vaccinations

Last update date March 19, 2019

With Japanese Encephalitis

It takes place by infection of Japanese Encephalitis virus. Virus which increased from Homo sapiens directly in the body such as pork by mosquito
It is transmitted and is infected.
After latency period of 7-10 days, we suffer from acute encephalitis indicating symptoms such as high heat, headache, vomiting, disturbance of consciousness, convulsions.
West Japan area is the center, but, as for the fashion in Japan, virus is distributed over the Japanese whole.
The fashion of Japanese Encephalitis in raised pig continues from June through October every year, but during this period depending on area
About 80% or more of pigs are infected.
It occurred in children, schoolchild before, but we decrease by the spread of Vaccinations and are not vaccinated recently
Patient occurs led by elderly person.
In foreign territory, the fashion is seen now in South Asia and Southeast Asia including India.
It is asymptomatic, and the majority are over even if infected, but encephalitis develops in one of 100-1,000 people.
When it develops, 45-70% of people leave aftereffects such as the paralysis even if the death rate of patients survives in 20-40%.

Method of Vaccinations

Using dry cell culture Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, we inoculate as follows.

[standard schedule] (one quarter: after the student for from 6 months to 90 months under/two quarters: under 9 years old - 13 years old)

(1) After inoculating "the first first (1)", we leave interval of from 6 to 28 and inoculate "the first first (2)".
(2) After "the first first (2)" inoculation, we inoculate "the first addition" about one year later.
(3) After "the first addition" inoculation, we inoculate "two sittings" about five years later.

 About relief system

[period when we can receive free]
The first inoculation: Within 7 years old and a half more than six months after birth (until the day before of day becoming 7 years, 6 months old)

The second inoculation: Less than 9 years or older 13 years old and a half (until the day before of 13-year-old birthday)

Vice-reaction of vaccine

General vice-reactions such as fever or swelling or pain of inoculation part are reported.
In addition, as vice-reaction that is extremely rare, but is heavy shock, anaphylaxis, acute polynesic encephalomyelitis (ADEM),
Encephalitis, brain fever, convulsions, acute thrombocytopenic purpura are reported.

※In addition, the onset of ADEM and encephalitis, brain fever is not specific for Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.
Except after the inoculation of vaccine or other as for the cause in after onset of infectious disease or that of these onset may be.

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