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Summary of Vaccinations

Last update date October 21, 2019

Significance, purpose

Other than the prevention that Vaccinations raises resistance (immunity) by inoculating vaccine that the sick preventive effectiveness was confirmed and is sick,
Effect that interferes with being aggravated when it takes is expected.
It is one of the measures to protect your life and health to become prevention of spread of infectious disease not only prevention of personal infection prevention, aggravation.


Inoculation type, conduct method, relief system are determined by vaccination.
Including Yokohama-shi, as for "the option inoculation" to have you inoculate, the handling is different from "commuter pass inoculation" to carry out in each local government in individual.

About the handling of Vaccinations

Division 1

Division 2

Illness and object


It is effort duty (to inoculation of the person, protector)

Periodical inoculation

A illness

Diphtheria, 100 days cough, tetanus, acute anterior poliomyelitis (Polio), measles, rubella, Japanese Encephalitis, tuberculosis, Hib disease, pneumococcal disease, chickenpox, hepatitis B of children
Human papillomavirus infectious disease (we do not encourage positively in Yokohama-shi.)

Public expenditure


B illness

Elderly person influenza
Pneumococcal disease for adult

It is public expenditure in a part


Any inoculation


Person who became inapplicable by periodical inoculation
The mumps



Temporary inoculation


New influenza inoculates inhabitants at the time of emergency declaration



※At October, 2016

On being vaccinated

Please be careful to be able to receive Vaccinations more safely at the following points.

1.Physical condition

We grasp about allergic having past food and drug or not again without inoculating at the time of poor physical condition that resistance is perplexed by,
You examine inoculation on having talked with doctor and, in all of you, seem to be able to inoculate by perfect physical condition

2.Person who cannot be vaccinated

・With clear fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or more)
・Where it is clear to suffer from serious acute disease
・Inoculation vaccine which has caused intense allergic reaction by ingredient
・In addition, person who judged that doctor was in an inappropriate state

3.With need to talk about with the medical attendant well

・Cardiovascular system, kidney, liver, blood with underlying disease
・We doubt allergy such as person who had fever in past Vaccinations within two days after inoculation, systemic rash
Person who has given symptom
・It is convulsions with the past in the past
・That there is congenital immune deficiency disorder to person having a diagnosis of immunodeficiency in the past and close relatives

4.General attention after inoculation

・Because sudden vice-reaction may be caused after the inoculation for 30 minutes, we may contact doctor.
・We shine and support, and there is not bathing, but let's stop that we strongly rub against part that we injected.
・Intense exercise will be split on the day of the inoculation.

5.Inoculation interval

As distance when we inoculate different types of vaccine is set, please be careful.
※Mixed vaccine is excluded. When doctor admits that it is necessary, simultaneous inoculation is possible.

About inoculation interval between the vaccine

To the next Vaccinations
The necessary days

Vaccine type

Vaccine name

More than 27 days

Live vaccine

BCG, measles rubella mixture (MR), measles, rubella, the mumps, chickenpox, rotavirus

More than six days

Inactivating vaccine

Polio, fourth-class mail mixture, two kinds of mixture, Japanese Encephalitis, influenza, hepatitis B, Hib, Streptococcus pneumoniae for children, the uterine cervix cancer prevention



Resident certificate applies to there being in Yokohama-shi. (person with resident certificate, please ask the local government concerned in other local governments.)

Inoculation place

We carry out with medical institution (Cooperating Medical Institutions) of Yokohama-shi Medical Association participation in Yokohama-shi.
As reservation may be necessary, please confirm over telephones beforehand by all means.

We have you bring in inoculation

・We can confirm Address, age (driver's license and health insurance card)
・Maternity record book (Vaccinations of child)
・Pre-; examine; vote (by type of Vaccinations, obtain with individual distribution, ward office, medical institution)

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