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Rubella addition measures business (the fifth commuter pass inoculation)

Last update date August 1, 2020

※(Yokohama-shi rubella measures business target woman that the pregnancy is hoped for, partner of woman that the pregnancy is hoped for, partner of pregnant woman) except man born by April 1, 1979 from April 2, 1962 is this place

About rubella

After latency period of about 2-3 weeks, symptom such as rash, fever, lymph node behind neck swelling up appears when infected with rubella virus. In addition, symptoms such as (hyperemia of bulbar conjunctiva) that a cough, nasal mucus, eyes turn red may be seen.
It may be for "congenital rubella syndrome" that there is abnormality in heart which eyes that we are infected with baby of stomach when pregnant woman is infected with rubella and are hard to hear ear are hard to be seen.

1 eligible person

Man who was born by April 1, 1979 from April 2, 1962
・We sent out coupon to man born by April 1, 1979 from April 2, 1972 in 2019.
・We sent out coupon to man born by April 1, 1972 from April 2, 1962 in 2020.
When you wish to send, please refer to Yokohama-shi Vaccinations call center (045-330-8561).

2 implementation period

From the end of June, 2019 to March 31, 2022
※But closing the office day of medical institution is excluded.
(on March 31, 2020, Vaccinations is August 31, 2020, but, on expiration date of coupon which I sent in 2019, examination of antibody extends antibody inspection, Vaccinations together until March 31, 2021. Please confirm a certain thing on conduct in examination of antibody and Vaccinations in expiration date.)

3 conduct contents

We perform examination of antibody by all means to check antibody titer of rubella.
As a result of examination of antibody, we perform Vaccinations of measles rubella mixture (MR) vaccine to person without enough rubella antibodies.

4 inoculation places

Examination of rubella antibody, rubella fifth commuter pass inoculation trust medical institution (nationwide)
We inspect antibody with national medical institution performing rubella addition measures business and can be vaccinated.
National medical institution (the outside site)

Main Cooperating Medical Institutions in the city

18 distinction

Aoba Ward (PDF: 234KB)Isogo Ward (PDF: 194KB)Konan Ward (PDF: 96KB)Seya Ward (PDF: 68KB)Totsuka Ward (PDF: 197KB)Hodogaya Ward (PDF: 193KB)
Asahi Ward (PDF: 196KB)Kanagawa Ward (PDF: 92KB)Kohoku Ward (PDF: 205KB)Tsuzuki Ward   (PDF: 198KB)Naka Ward (PDF: 199KB)Midori Ward (PDF: 193KB)
Izumi Ward (PDF: 191KB)Kanazawa Ward (PDF: 197KB)Sakae Ward (PDF: 63KB)Tsurumi Ward (PDF: 197KB)Nishi Ward (PDF: 191KB)Minami Ward (PDF: 192KB)

5 expenses

Free of charge

Thing necessary for 6 consultation

②Examination of antibody consultation vote
③We can confirm Address, full name, age (driver's license or health insurance card)
(as you send ① and ② from Yokohama-shi, please refer at hand when there is not.)

Please bring to medical institution without putting how to receive 1 antibody inspection, Vaccinations ... sent coupon; ...

Coupon is sent from Step1 Yokohama-shi.

In 2019, we sent out to man born by April 1, 1979 from April 2, 1972 in the end of June.
In 2020, we sent out to man born by April 1, 1972 from April 2, 1962 in the end of March.
※When and we are vaccinated, coupon comes to need examination of antibody by all means. When there is not coupon at hand in target, please refer to Yokohama-shi Vaccinations call center (045-330-8561).

We receive examination of Step2 rubella antibody.

At first, please receive examination of rubella antibody to check whether antibodies of rubella are enough. We make a reservation after having conveyed that we have "coupon" toward conduct organization beforehand, and "antibody inspection consultation vote", please bring identity verification documents (driver's license, my number card) "coupon" by all means on consultation daily allowance day.

We receive Step3 Vaccinations.

As a result of having performed examination of antibody, person determined that there is not antibody of rubella, please receive inoculation of measles rubella mixture (MR) vaccine.
※Please confirm examination of antibody, Vaccinations over telephones beforehand before going to conduct organization together.

Please read ... by all means before 2 is vaccinated; ...

(1) General instructions

As Vaccinations inoculates when the person wish to inoculate, please receive inoculation after having understood the effectiveness or vice-reaction enough.

(2) Person who cannot be vaccinated

 Oh, person who gives fever (37.5 degrees or more) clear
 Where it is clear to suffer from acute disease that i is serious
 Person who has raised anaphylactic shock (※) by ingredient of u measles rubella vaccine
 (for intense allergic reaction to usually have ※ anaphylactic shock within about 30 minutes after inoculation)
 Oh, person who judged that others, doctor were in an inappropriate state

(3) With need to talk about with the medical attendant well when we are vaccinated

 Oh, person who has underlying diseases such as cardiovascular system disease, kidney disease, liver disease, blood disorder
 Person whom i was Vaccinations so far, and fever was seen in within two days after inoculation and systemic rashes which has presented symptom to doubt allergy
 Cormorant is past; convulsions with the past
 Oh, that there is congenital immune deficiency disorder to person having a diagnosis of immunodeficiency in the past and close relatives
 o measles rubella mixed vaccine which might present allergy for ingredient

Attention after 3 Vaccinations

 (1) Because sudden vice-reaction may be caused after the inoculation for 30 minutes, we may contact doctor.
 (2) After the inoculation, let's be careful about appearances of vice-reaction in live vaccine for four weeks.
 (3) We shine and support, and there is not bathing, but let's stop that we strongly rub against part that we injected.
 (4) Let's avoid intense exercise and mass drinking on the day of the inoculation.
 (5) When there is change of abnormal reaction and physical condition of inoculation part after the inoculation, let's consult doctor immediately.

About 4 Vaccinations health hazard relief systems

When health hazard such as obstacle that trouble appears for life that treatment with medical institution is necessary for by vice-reaction of Vaccinations remaining occurs, we can receive compensation based on vaccination. Please refer to each ward Health and Welfare Division for procedure when health hazard by Vaccinations occurred.

Information for medical institution, medical examination organizations

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