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About hepatitis B Vaccinations

Last update date March 15, 2019

With hepatitis B

It becomes acute hepatitis and may just recover when infected with hepatitis B virus, or it may be chronic hepatitis.
We say some fulminant hepatitises and may result in death from intense symptom.
In addition, virus hides behind in liver without becoming clear as symptom, for hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer chronic after time
It may become. It is light, or, as for the symptom of acute hepatitis, symptom does not continue particularly becoming clear very much so as to be young,
It is known that it is easy to take form of sustained infection that virus just hides behind in.
Infection touched newborn baby born from hepatitis virus (HBs antigen)-positive mother, hepatitis virus-positive blood and body fluid directly
We occur by case, sexual encounter with hepatitis virus-positive person.

Method of Vaccinations

Vaccinations of hepatitis B inoculates twice (normally two months after birth, three months) at 27 days or more intervals,
Furthermore, we put 139 days or more intervals from the first inoculation and inoculate three times of (*) one time (normally 7-8 months after birth) in total.
※When we get inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine for child born from HBs antigen-positive pregnant woman for the mother-to-child transmission prevention,
Routine immunization becomes not intended. Please receive vaccination by application of employee health insurance sequentially.

[standard schedule] (as for the standard inoculation age two months after birth, three months after birth, 7-8 months after birth)

The first, the second: After having inoculated the first, we put 27 days or more intervals and inoculate the second.

The third: We put 139 days or more intervals from the first inoculation, and (*), three times have eyes.

[age that we can get free]
Less than 1 year old more than 0 months after birth (until the day before of 1-year-old birthday)

Vice-reaction of vaccine

As vice-reaction red (redness), swelling (swelling), induration (stiffness), pain, fever, lassitude of inoculation part,
Headaches may be seen.
In addition, it is extremely rare, but anaphylaxis and acute polynesic encephalomyelitis (ADEM) are reported as heavy vice-reaction.

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