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About BCG Vaccinations

Last update date January 31, 2019

With tuberculosis

   It takes place by infection of tubercle bacillus. As, in our country, patient about about 18,000 still occurs every year,
  We are not rarely infected from adult with child.
   In addition, we were just born as we could not get resistance (immunity) for tuberculosis from mother
  Baby has worry having tuberculosis.
   We may suffer from tuberculous meningitis when infected with tuberculosis and may leave severe aftereffects.
  Let's receive BCG inoculation as soon as possible if we reach for five months after birth.
   When there is tuberculosis patient around, and infection is doubted, please consult with ward office Health Promotion Section of ward to live before receiving inoculation.

Method of Vaccinations

  Inoculation method of BCG is called the pipe needle method and we push to brachial two places in stamp injection method and inoculate.
  We dry inoculation part in the shade for around ten minutes.

  [standard schedule]
   Once in during under eight months from five months after birth

  [age that we can get free]
   Less than 1 year old more than 0 months after birth (until the day before of 1-year-old birthday)

Vice-reaction of vaccine

  Red dots are made after the inoculation in inoculation part on around 10th, and a part may do small pus.
  This reaction comes to resist four weeks after the inoculation most, but there is scab afterwards, after the inoculation for three months by the time,
  Sign of inoculation comes to just remain. This is evidence with resistance (immunity) by BCG inoculation not abnormal reaction.
  Please just keep clean without bandaging as it is cured naturally, and putting adhesive plaster.
   But please consult with doctor when trace of inoculation is oozing even if it passes more than three months.
   In addition, lymph node under the side of side that we inoculated may rarely swell up. If we just usually see state
  When it is cured, but inoculation part festers when we greatly swell up, and we fester and are torn naturally, and pus appears,
  Please connect with medical institution which you inoculated.

   As vice-reaction that is rare, but is serious shock, anaphylaxis, disseminated BCG infectious disease from head to foot, osteitis, osteomyelitis ・
  We include periostitis, skin nodule-like lesion.

About Koch phenomenon

   When when child is infected with tubercle bacillus before inoculation, inoculate BCG, within ten days after inoculation red of inoculation local site,
  A series of reactions to present with swelling and suppuration, and to usually become ** (sea bream), scar (hankon) from two weeks to four weeks later, and to heal
  It may take place. "Koch phenomenon" means this.
   Medical institution which inoculated when reaction thought to be this "Koch phenomenon" was seen in child or
  Please connect with ward office Health Promotion Section of ward to live.

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