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About monitoring investigation of mosquito

Last update date May 14, 2019

We carry out monitoring investigation of periodical mosquito about mosquito-mediated infectious disease including dengue fever, chikungunia heat from 2011.
Which "a lot of tourists come" which "there are many users" from 2015 added conduct place from the viewpoint of it "is held a lot event".
We expanded investigation point around both venues with Rugby World Cup 2019TM, holding of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics in 2019.
Virus has not been detected in mosquito which we investigated until now.

About monitoring investigation of mosquito

・Conduct place: Park and 25 harbor districts (until 2014 19) in the city
・Effective time: From June to October (it starts about six places from May in 2019)
・Investigation contents: The habitation situation (type or density to inhabit) of mosquito and the possession situation of virus (dengue virus) causing main mosquito-mediated infectious disease
List of investigation places of 2019 (PDF: 52KB)

About findings

As for the examination of summary of the habitation situation investigation of mosquito and past virus results, please see each following page of Yokohama City Inst. of Health.
In addition, about human line stripe mosquito, you can see test result breaking news in page of Yokohama City Inst. of Health "pathogen information".

2019 conduct

Virus test result of mosquito-mediated infectious disease in Yokohama-shi
・Mosquito imago habitation situation findings (October from May, 2019) in inspection information monthly report January, 2020 issue Yokohama-shi

2018 conduct

Press release material

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