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Yokohama-shi infectious disease examination meeting

Last update date July 14, 2020


"Yokohama-shi infectious disease examination meeting" law (1998 law No. 114.about medical care for the patients with prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease It is affiliated engine of Yokohama-shi where we say "Infectious Disease Law" as follows and were installed in based on) Article 24 and the Yokohama-shi infectious disease examination meeting regulations (the outside site) in April, 1999.
From April, 2007, we unified conventional infectious disease examination meeting and tuberculosis examination meetings with revision of Infectious Disease Law.
It is installed for the purpose of things discussing about medical care for hospitalization advice and extension of length of stay or tuberculosis patient.

Yokohama-shi infectious disease examination meeting committee member list (as of April 1, 2020)

Committee member list
 Full nameJob title
ChairpersonToyoharu IzawaFormer social welfare corporation Saint servant Yokohama Hospital honor director
Infectious disease department's chairpersonToshihiro MandaTokyo Women's Medical University Hospital synthesis infectious disease, infection control part infection control course's professor
Committee memberHiroshi ShimizuFujisawa Municipal Hospital clinical inspection department medical director
Committee memberHideki MukaiyamaMukaiyama pediatric clinic director
Committee memberEtsuko OhamaFormer health director
Committee memberHiroyuki UminoKanagawa bar association
Committee memberHiroko NittaYokohama-shi Civil Rights Commissioner
Tuberculosis department's chairpersonKanemitsu KawadaFormer Kawasaki social insurance hospital assistant director
Committee memberTakeshi KanekoPublic university corporation Yokohama City University medical department respiratory disease studies professor, public university corporation Yokohama City University Hospital respiratory organs Internal medicine manager
Committee memberEtsuo NemotoFormer incorporated administrative agency national hospital mechanism Kanagawa Hospital honor director
Committee memberShigeki OdagiriFormer Odagiri respiratory organs department clinic's director
Committee memberPrince Nishimoto childThe former Health and Welfare Center head
Committee memberNobuhiro KobayashiKanagawa bar association
Committee memberKimiko SawadaYokohama-shi Civil Rights Commissioner
Committee memberKen IdeAssociation of Kanagawa preventive medicine center clinics director
Committee memberHideyuki HasegawaKanagawa Tuberculosis Association center health counselor's office honor director
Committee memberYasuo TakahashiFormer health director
Committee memberTomomi ShiraiKanagawa bar association
Committee memberSanae NakaoYokohama-shi Civil Rights Commissioner
Committee memberNaoki MiyazawaRoyal gift foundation Saiseikai Yokohamashi Nanbu Hospital respiratory organs Internal medicine manager
Committee memberTakashi OguraKanagawa Prefectural circulatory organ respiratory disease center's assistant director, respiratory Internal medicine manager
Committee memberkubosansenOkayama health profession university professor
Committee memberYoko NoguchiKanagawa bar association
Committee memberJun TakahashiYokohama-shi Civil Rights Commissioner


Tuberculosis subcommittee minutes (from July, 2019 to September) (PDF: 427KB)
Tuberculosis subcommittee minutes (from October, 2019 to December) (PDF: 243KB)
Tuberculosis subcommittee minutes (from January, 2020 to March) (PDF: 264KB)
Tuberculosis subcommittee minutes (from April, 2020 to June) (PDF: 255KB)
Infectious disease subcommittee minutes (from February, 2020 to March) (PDF: 1,114KB)
Infectious disease subcommittee minutes (April, 2020 ~6 month) (PDF: 145KB)

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