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About afferent infection disease

With increase of the coming and going of person with foreign countries, opportunities when infectious disease is brought into the country increase.

Last update date January 24, 2020

With afferent infection disease

There are many infectious diseases that there is little outbreak, and there is not outbreak in Japan or even infectious disease that is not prevalent habitually resides abroad, and are prevalent.
(dysentery, typhoid fever, rabies, dengue fever, malaria, measles (chopsticks or))

With increase of overseas tourist and development of international exchange, report examples of estimated Japanese tourist and foreigner increase as we were infected abroad.

It will be important that each one works on own infection prevention and the extended prevention to the neighborhood in future because it is expected by holding of activation of further international exchange and large-scale international event that opportunities when infectious disease is brought into Japan increase.


When we go abroad

At first, let's confirm information of infectious disease that is prevalent in travel beforehand.
There is infectious disease that we can prevent by vaccination and preventive internal use.
In addition, let's be careful about local meal and protecting against insects.
For more details, please see this page. → To "person made a voyage to abroad"

To all of many occupations of opportunity to contact customer from foreign country

Many people visit Yokohama-shi from each places and foreign countries of the whole country.
There are comings and goings of many people in the accommodations and commercial facilities,
Infection may spread once in various places and facility of employee when infectious disease is brought in.
Infectious disease that is not prevalent may be usually brought in in Japan, and there is example that various places working at airport and sightseeing spot have infected.

Therefore as we settled infectious disease prophylaxis to always work on or correspondence method to ill customer,
Please inflect for measures in facility.

Infectious disease measures flyer at the accommodations


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