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About conduct of monitoring investigation accompanied with outbreak of dengue fever domestic infection example

Last update date March 8, 2019

In August, 2014, it was revealed that Minami Ward residence considered to have been infected with dengue fever in metropolitan Yoyogi Park was bitten by mosquito in Marine Park "amusement place of dog" in Kanazawa Ward three days after the onset. Mosquito which stung this person held power to transmit dengue fever or closed a part of Marine Park as it was unknown and carried out monitoring investigation of mosquito.

About monitoring investigation of mosquito

We captured mosquito by the light trap method (inducement with carbon dioxide) and confirmed the possession situation of identification of type and dengue virus.
We carried out investigation about one week after sucking blood day that viruses multiplied in the body of kyuchika, and came to have infectiousness (August 31).

Implementation period: From September 5, 2014 to September 9

About some closure of facility

The closure period: From September 5, 2014
Place that is closed down: Two amusement places of dog in Marine Park (10, Uminokouen, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi)

※There is amusement place of dog in the north side and the south side by one place across Kanazawa Seaside Line "Uminokoen-Minamiguchi Station".
※Infection is not possible even if bitten by mosquito around the closure place by September 5 after August 31, 2014.

To citizen's all of you

  • The patients with dengue fever without foreign tour career (domestic infection) produce plural number in Japan in 2014, but we are estimated with infection due to mosquito around metropolitan Yoyogi Park, and infection by having been stabbed by mosquito in Yokohama-shi is confirmed neither.
  • It is important to warn not to be stabbed even in the country by mosquito let alone person made a voyage to overseas endemic area (area mainly subtropical the tropical zone) being careful not to be bitten by mosquito.
  • As for the symptom of dengue fever, sudden fever, intense headache, arthralgia, muscular pain, rash almost emerge seven days after three days later after being bitten by thicket mosquito.
  • When we are bitten by thicket mosquito, and high heat continues, you are careful not to be bitten by mosquito, and please consult family medical institution.

About dengue fever

Dengue fever is not disease to infect people from people directly. Patient infected with dengue virus is bitten by mosquito, and viruses multiply in the body of mosquito, and the mosquito infects as kyuchi does others. In addition, it is said that generally we recover in progress after one week ago when we are infected.
For details, please see "about infectious disease that mosquito transmits".

Monitoring findings of mosquito

Dengue virus was not detected in human line stripe mosquito which we collected during investigation period.

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