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[new coronavirus infectious disease] Guidance to person who received positive diagnosis by inspection

Last update date January 8, 2021

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Hearing (epidemic survey) by the nearest Health and Welfare Center staff to 1 house ino

 When test result with medical institutions becomes positive, new coronavirus infectious disease outbreak notice is submitted by doctor.
 After the reception desk of report of outbreak, the nearest Health and Welfare Center staff living in principle carries out investigation based on infectious disease prophylaxis Article 15 by telephone contact.
 In addition, please reply with style of each ward beforehand as you hear necessary information in medical treatment in addition.
 We receive poor physical condition and positive result, and uneasy place is sorry, but would appreciate your cooperation.
※It is input style for exclusive use of input which had guide from Yokohama-shi public health center or each ward Health and Welfare Division beforehand.
Information that we input deletes without contacting when there is input from other person.
When there is consultation about consultation, Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease call center (tel: for 045-550-5530 24 hours reception desk)
Please consult in this.

About 2 medical treatment life

When we do not need hospitalization among people who became positive in asymptomatic or mild, as a result of inspection (examination for antigen, polymerase chain reaction test) of new coronavirus, we start medical treatment in home and prefecture-designated accommodation medical treatment facility.
As for the details, please see homepage (the outside site) of Kanagawa about medical treatment.

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