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New coronavirus infectious disease measures (citizen's all of you)

Last update date November 13, 2020

We renewed page about "new coronavirus infectious disease". We place information of new coronavirus infectious disease measures for citizen's all of you in this page.

You call, and please connect with medical institution on consultation for symptoms such as fever beforehand. (to citizen's all of you to ask, and to comprise for season of seasonal flu)

 It is difficult for seasonal flu and common cold (a cold) that are prevalent in usual to distinguish from new coronavirus infectious disease only for symptom.
 It is necessary to perform preparations before medical examination or timing with testee for other symptoms to cope in the case of which with consultation medical institution.
 Person with symptoms such as fever, a cough, sore throat, general malaise, please cooperate to have "the front having a medical examination" do "telephone contacts consultation medical institution" by all means.

Consultation method when we are anxious about infection to new coronavirus

Where we should talk with is guidance for time not to know.

To person who is anxious about infection to with symptom such as a cold or new coronavirus

What is cause of worry?
A: To ・・・① where there is person who made a voyage to infection fashion country or was infected close
 B: Of person and contact positive by new coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA)
 To ・・・① where it was shown if there was possibility
 C: To ・・・② with symptom that heat or a cough are suspicious any place other than A B
 D: There is not symptom, but to ・・・③ anxious about (care, childcare) in work
 E: To ・・・③ worried in there not being symptom, but infected people increasing with TV

①Please consult with returnee, contact consultation center (please scroll to the lower part in link.). 
 Telephone: Person having difficulty in inquiry to the 045-664-7761 above faxes: 045-664-7296
 Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
 At this window, we guide consultation to returnee, contact outpatient department mainly in with a history of travel career, contact.
②At first, please consult with consultation in family medicine.
 ※You call beforehand by all means and, on consultation, contact, and you wear mask, and please have a medical examination.
 When doctor accepts doubt of infection as a result of medical examination, we carry out inspection.
※Others when we inspect on the spot, simple specimen collection place (so-called drive-through) may be shown around later.
In addition, case such as not being able to have a medical examination on holiday without family medicine includes two consultation methods.
A. When there is one of pain, cough of fever, throat, and there is request for consultation
 Consultation: We talk with Kanagawa medical appointment center (the outside site)
  Telephone: 0570-048914
  Reception hours: 9:00 a.m. ~ 9:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
i. There is infected person in case and closeness to have symptom doubting other new coronavirus infectious diseases
 When close contact is possible
 Consultation: We talk with returnee, contact consultation center
 Telephone: 045-664-7761
  Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
In addition, in the case of festival day, medical institution which we can consult other than the first aid is limited to after 17:00 and rest, and it may be guidance after the next day.
When "emergency hospital, clinics which we can receive" has a problem "you should have a medical examination right now, or should we call ambulance?,"
 Emergency consultation center telephone: We show medical institution which we can consult in 045-232-7119. 
※Symptom is strong, turn worse, and please ask for emergency conveyance (119) immediately when consultation is necessary.
③We talk with infectious disease call center 
 Telephone: Person having difficulty in inquiry to the 045-550-5530 above faxes: 045-664-7296
 Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Life that avoids hand-washing enforcement/3 dense o to citizen's people, and adopted "new lifestyle", please.
* New lifestyle (the outside site)

About prophylaxis

About new coronavirus infectious disease, patient outbreak report continues in all parts of the world as of November, 2020. In addition, practice of "security of social distance" of around 2m and "appropriate ventilation" is effective for basic prophylaxis such as "a cough etiquette" such as mask wearing "alcohol disinfection of finger "brisk hand-washing with running water" to prevent infection when hand cannot wash immediately".

Video of new coronavirus infectious disease measures

Yokohama FC and the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention!

Alcohol disinfection of finger

When hand cannot wash under running water immediately, utilization of ethanol (a certain course preparation) for disinfection of 70~95% density is effective.

Instructions (Fire Bureau) to handle surgical spirit safely

With a cough etiquette

When we have symptoms such as a cough or sneezing, it is measures by to wear mask, and to control mouth and nose with handkerchieves, prevent droplet infection to people in circumference.

Reference materials

Of mask arrive;, outside way

As person with a cough and sneezing wears, can prevent spray (spatters such as sneezing).

Of mask arrive;

  1. We put so that nose expectation department becomes the top.
  2. We let nose expectation department fit the wings of the nose and open pleats.
  3. We let nose expectation department fit the wings of the nose. Nose covers up the whole.
  4. We lengthen pleats of mask and cover mouth and nose well.
  5. Wearing completion.

It is way outside mask

We pick up rubber and string and take off and discard without touching on the surface of mask. As for the hand-washing after having taken off, do not forget either.

Hand-washing method

Hand-washing method 1
We rub finger-tip and wash and do soap between the foaming palm, back of the hand, finger.

Hand-washing method 2
We wash to twist finger. We wash wrist. It washes away neatly and wipes off.

Hand-washing method 3
We sterilize to finger-tip, the back of the hand, palm, wrist in ethanol.

Video of how to wash of the hand

Inquiry counter

We establish Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease call center

Please inform "Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease call center" of general consultation about new coronavirus infectious disease. "Person that new coronavirus infectious disease is doubted", please contact "new coronavirus infectious disease returnee, contact consultation center".

We place information of "telephone consultation counter of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare" in the page mentioned above.

About setting of simple specimen collection place

With simple specimen collection place

It is place gathering specimen necessary for polymerase chain reaction test.
The system is such that simple specimen collection place gathers after family medicine made advance reservations. In addition, setting place assumes non-public announcement from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread and ensuring safety, securing of privacy.
※Even if come over to setting place directly, please be careful as you cannot gather specimen.

Target person

Family medicine doubts infection and it was decided to go to inspection and becomes a target.
In addition, we intend for which can visit an office by privately-owned cars which the person or family runs as we gather specimen for prevention of infection spread with getting into car.
※As we prepare transportation vehicle in Yokohama-shi when we cannot offer privately-owned cars, please consult with family medicine.

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