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New coronavirus infectious disease measures (all of the companies)

Last update date April 28, 2020

Announcement of renewal of page

We renewed page about "new coronavirus infectious disease". We place information of new coronavirus infectious disease measures for all of the companies in this page.

Infectious disease measures, disinfection method

We tell about afferent infection disease measures accompanied with holding of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics from last year, but, "brisk hand-washing", prophylaxis by "a cough etiquette" is effective for new coronavirus infectious disease. We have the following flyers inflect, and I would like prophylaxis such as brisk hand-washing.

About the accommodations

 ・Please refer to all of the accommodations.

About-affiliated facilities such as food

 ・Food, please refer to all of the facilities concerned.

To facility manager and event organizers such as so-called "live house"

All of the companies where contract is given construction, trust (duties such as design, surveying, investigation) that Yokohama-shi placed an order for in trust

Consultation counter (from 8:45 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.) about infectious disease measures in office

Please talk with ward Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division of the office location.

Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division of each ward
Ward Phone number FAX
Aoba Ward 045-978-2438 045-978-2419
Asahi Ward 045-954-6146 045-953-7713
Izumi Ward 045-800-2445 045-800-2516
Isogo Ward 045-750-2445 045-750-2547
Kanagawa Ward 045-411-7138 045-316-7877
Kanazawa Ward 045-788-7840 045-784-4600
Konan Ward 045-847-8438 045-846-5981
Kohoku Ward 045-540-2362 045-540-2368
Sakae Ward 045-894-6964 045-895-1759
Seya Ward 045-367-5744 045-365-5718
Tsuzuki Ward   045-948-2350 045-948-2354
Tsurumi Ward 045-510-1832 045-510-1792
Totsuka Ward 045-866-8426 045-865-3963
Naka Ward 045-224-8332 045-224-8157
Nishi Ward 045-320-8439 045-324-3703
Hodogaya Ward 045-334-6345 045-333-6309
Midori Ward 045-930-2357 045-930-2355
Minami Ward 045-341-1185 045-341-1189

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