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To person made a voyage to abroad

Last update date October 9, 2019

About infectious disease that you should be careful about at the time of foreign tour

There are various kinds of things which we are at increased risk for infecting for infectious disease that outbreak is hardly seen in Japan or is not known very much abroad.
With increase of overseas passenger, taking increases to infectious disease abroad. Before foreign tour, you acquire right knowledge about preventive method of infectious disease and the outbreak situation in each area beforehand, and please spend fun time by security.

        It is video by overseas travel that is careful about infectious diseases, and is pleasant

1.Before travel…

Before departure, we fix physical condition and will keep resistance.
In addition, it is very important to obtain the hygiene situation of travel and the trendy situation of infectious disease, information of medical institution beforehand. In reference to the next homepage, please confirm about infectious diseases that you should be careful about.

There is infectious disease (yellow fever (outside site), measles, rubella) that is available for the prevention by Vaccinations. Depending on activity making a voyage during area and travel period of travel, let's examine inoculation.

2.General attention at the time of foreign tour

As for the instructions that infectious disease that may appear by action contents in travel varies, but is common, following.

It is infectious disease of alimentary system through food and water that there is the most. There are enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (O-157 epidemic), hepatitis A, cholera, bacillary dysentery, typhoid fever or paratyphoid.

  • We avoid water and we boil water and drink, or let's drink mineral water. Let's be careful about liquor of juice and with water with ice.
  • Let's avoid fresh vegetables, cut fruit, raw fishery products and meat.
  • Fresh milk, ice cream, yoghurt will avoid.

There are many diseases to infect by being bitten by mosquito including yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever, dicow yl infectious disease, the West Nile fever, chikungunia heat. Attention is necessary in subtropical area the tropical zone in particular. In addition, attention is necessary for chisel or tick.

  • We wear long sleeves or pants, and let's avoid exposure of skin.
  • Let's use insecticide spray or mosquito-repellent incense.
  • At the time of going to bed, let's use Japanese nutmegs.

For more details, look at this page. → About "infectious disease that mosquito transmits"

Dog and monkey, rodents (mice) and birds may have various pathogens including rabies and bird flu.

  • We approach animal without any reason, and let's stop what we touch.

Parasite may be in watersides such as river and lake, marsh.

  • In plague spot, we walk barefoot, and let's avoid entering water.

Pathogen enters the body by touching with hand with pathogen with mouth and nose, eyes.

  • Let's wash hand diligently. Particularly, in front of meal and hand-washing after restroom are important.

3.After returning home…

We perform health consultation at quarantine station of airport and port. When you are ill, please talk at the time of entry by all means.
In addition, we may get sick even if there is no problem at the time of returning home depending on infectious disease after passing for a while.
You inform of contact with travel, duration of stay, animal beforehand and hold a cough etiquette (wearing of mask) enough, and please consult medical institution on this occasion.

Welcome to Japan.or welcome back.
Infectious disease enlightenment flyer for entry, returnees

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