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Violation information such as food

Last update date December 21, 2020

By regulations (explanatory note) of food hygiene law Article 63, Yokohama-shi announces disadvantageous disposal such as collections of food or written administrative advice about matter that we performed for the food hygiene law violator. In addition, period of public announcement is 14 days from publication day.

(explanatory note) Regulations of food hygiene law Article 63
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Prime Minister and prefectural governors announce names of person who violated disposal based on this law or this law to prevent outbreak of harm in food hygiene and shall act to clarify the situation of harm in food hygiene.

Disadvantageous disposal for violation food

By the food hygiene law, we will tell about disadvantageous disposal that Yokohama-shi performed for violation food.
There is no information to tell about now.

Information of violation such as food
The public announcement date

Violation product name


Violation article
Contents of violation

The measures situation

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