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Introduction of food hygiene duties

Last update date January 16, 2019

With food hygiene duties

In this business, there is "spread enlightenment and consultation business about food hygiene" "promotion business of self-government of person of food relations business" "business such as the prevention or cause investigation, expansion prevention of food poisoning" "spot check business of food" "monitoring instruction business of food-related facility" "patente-related business of food business facility".
In addition, based on the food hygiene law revised in 2003, we perform business about promotion of "risk communication".
※Citizen, food-related company and the government perform information exchange and exchange of opinions about meal, and "risk communication" is means by to deepen mutual understanding, find food safety, relief.

Food hygiene duties conduct engine

We perform in each Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division, Yokohama-shi public health center food board of health, monitoring group specialized in food, examination for food hygiene place of the Central Wholesale Market, examination of meat hygiene place, institute for health.
Duties performing in each office are as follows.

Each Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division

Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division is in general government building of each ward and conducts affairs to contact with consultation about food hygiene and permission investigation of food-related business facility, monitoring instruction of facility, citizen and person including the spread enlightenment about food hygiene of business from local resident.
In addition, we conduct various affairs including prevention of which cause investigation and damage expansion, recurrence when food poisoning occurs.

Yokohama-shi public health center food board of health

We perform job of compilation of the budget to be related to notification adjustment, information exchange, business with adjustment with Health and Welfare Center, country and other local governments to be related to conduct of plan planning and business of business about food hygiene.

Monitoring group specialized in food

We are placed in Yokohama-shi public health center food board of health and, in specialized scientific field of vision, perform monitoring instruction and spot check of food, emergency correspondence such as at the time of large-scale food poisoning case, material breach, precedence investigation, collection of food hygiene information and reporting to Health and Welfare Center among large general merchandising stores such as imported food dealer or department store in the city, large-scale food manufacturing facility.

Examination for Central Wholesale Market food hygiene place

In the city, the Central Wholesale Market handling fresh fish and fruits and vegetables is established. We install examination for food hygiene place that a great variety of food circulates in large quantities in market and secure these distribution food safety.
In examination for food hygiene place, we inspect fresh fish and vegetables, bacteria, additive, pesticide residue of processed food circulating in market and remove violation, defectiveness food and carry out monitoring instruction of facility in market.

Examination of meat hygiene place

Meat market which is distribution base of meat is in Yokohama-shi. We install examination of meat hygiene place to ensure the security of meat in the market.
In examination of meat hygiene place, we inspect beef or pork for each one of them and discard part which is not suitable for food and are doing instruction to keep facility in market sanitarily.
We perform examination for BSE which started in the whole country from 2001 in shokunikueiken.
In addition, we perform permission investigation and monitoring instruction, spot check of meal chicken processing facility in the city and act for security of safe, hygienic meal chicken.

Institute for health

In institute for health, we inspect bacteria, additive, various toxic substances for food which monitoring group specialized in food and each Health and Welfare Center pull out from food-related facility in the city, and they did.
In addition, we carry out inspection for cause investigation when food poisoning occurred and inspection about complaint of food from citizen who accepted in each Health and Welfare Center.
Furthermore, we work on research about food hygiene.

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