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About food indication

Last update date August 3, 2020


Provisional measure period to new food indication system was expired on March 31, 2020. The details this (PDF: 1,086KB)

・About "operation of food indication standard based on food notation that received expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease" (April 10, 2020)
 As for the details, please see this (the outside site).
・About "operation of indication of sign peculiar to factories which caught expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease and factory" (April 10, 2020)
 As for the details, please see this (the outside site).
・"Almond" was added to thing which followed specific raw materials. (September 19, 2019)
 As for the details, please see this (PDF: 110KB).


With 1 food notation

 "Food notation" was enforced by law that unified regulations about indication of food fixed for three laws of the "food hygiene law" "Japanese Agricultural Standard" (former: law about standardization of agriculture and forestry supplies and adequacy of quality indication) "Health Promotion Act" on April 1, 2015. For (manufacturer, person of processing, importer or distributor) such as food-related companies, the observance of food indication standard is required (food notation Article 5).

・Matter division of indication

Of the past



The hygiene method

Protection of health of the nationExpiry date, the expiration date, preservation method, additive, allergic material


Japanese Agricultural StandardAdequacy of indication about quality of foodName, raw materials name, the origin place name, the raw materials origin place name


The increase method

Increase of health of the nationNutrient labeling, functional indication food, nutrition function food

Provisional measure period

 It is necessary for processed food made after April 1, 2020 and additive to obey food indication standard. Food-related company must change to indication according to food indication standard before time limit. In addition, it is just what of the next table in food indication standard revised in September, 2017 during set "provisional measure period of new raw materials place of origin indication".
 In addition, during period, we can display by both regulations before and after revision, but, as for the indication that indication method of former standard and new standard (food indication standard) is mixed while we display one food, are not admitted in principle.

・Provisional measure period of new raw materials place of origin indication
Division of foodProvisional measure period
Processed food (for the public)

From September 1, 2017 by March 31, 2022,
It is made production (or we process)

Processed food (for duties)
Perishables (for duties)

From September 1, 2017 by March 31, 2022,
Is sold

Information about 2 food notations (brochures) [last update August 3, 2020]

Product for companies

At first, about indication method of food, please confirm the next material.
・Food indication standard
・About food indication standard
・Food indication standard Q&A
 About the material mentioned above (the outside site) (attached point) (PDF: 190KB)

・Processed food
3 matters

"Food indication of general processed food" (PDF: 2,049KB)
"Easy-to-understand guide food indication guide" (PDF: 6,278KB) (Consumer Affairs Agency)

Quality matter

"Production center of raw materials of all processed foods is displayed" (PDF: 3,056KB); (Consumer Affairs Agency)
"Utilization manual - for new raw materials place of origin indication system - companies" (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
"Do you know? Genetically-modified indication system (PDF: 2,599KB) (Consumer Affairs Agency) (including contents of hygiene matter)

Health matter

"Nutrition ingredient indication of processed food was made mandatory" (PDF: 391KB); (Consumer Affairs Agency)
About "system of indication about health and nutrition" (the outside site) (Consumer Affairs Agency)
"The guidelines third edition for nutrition ingredient indication based on food notation" (PDF: 1,067KB) (Consumer Affairs Agency)
"Calculation method ... of indication level using nutrition ingredient indication making manual - Standard tables of food composition in Japan" (PDF: 1,502KB)

3 matters

"Consumers see! Indication of food (PDF: 449KB)
"Easy-to-understand guide food indication guide" (PDF: 6,278KB) (Consumer Affairs Agency)

Health matterWhen "we make nutrition ingredient indication to perishables, there is rule that we were able to decide" (PDF: 756KB)

Product for consumers

3 references

We would like inquiry about indication of food from the following link.
Reference about indication of food

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