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About food poisoning due to toadstool

Last update date October 8, 2019

We mistake the toxic wild mushrooms for edible mushrooms and, in usual, gather from the summer end to autumn, and food poisoning by having eaten occurs a lot.
High technical knowledge and experience are necessary to distinguish type that we can eat generally or type that we cannot eat.
It will prevent you from giving edible mushrooms and mushrooms which you cannot judge surely to people who do not sell who do not eat who never adopt to prevent food poisoning due to toadstool.
◎ Food poisoning preventive point due to toadstool
 We do not pick mushrooms for one meal and mushroom which we cannot judge surely! We do not eat! We do not sell! We do not give to people!
 Even some 2 throw away thing with jitters decisively!
 We do not believe 3 legends, rumor!
   ("it is all right if we boil with eggplant" is mistake "mushrooms which insect eats are all right")


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