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Flyer brochure, enlightenment video for the food poisoning prevention

Last update date June 23, 2020


  1. We are careful about beef of heating insufficiency! We heat up well and are poisoned by food and prevent! (the food poisoning prevention due to enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli) (PDF: 3,495KB)
  2. Let's prevent Campyrobacter food poisoning by chicken (PDF: 721KB)
  3. It was prohibited that we donated the internal organs such as meat or liver of pork for straight food and sold (PDF: 166KB)
  4. There is steak needing heating to the center (PDF: 254KB)
  5. About indication of food containing allergic material (PDF: 244KB)
  6. Let's carry out hygiene management of asazuke thoroughly (PDF: 520KB)
  7. We will know anisakid nematoda (PDF: 906KB)
  8. We are careful about mixture of globefish! (PDF: 459KB)
  9. go-proof Vibrio parahaemolyticus is poisoned by food together (PDF: 180KB)
  10. It is infection spread in there not being symptom? Let's be careful about norovirus food poisoning (subclinical infection); (PDF: 609KB)
  11. Vegetables and fruit to eat raw wash, and let's sterilize! (PDF: 551KB)
  12. Let's learn risk of food poisoning hiding behind in ingredients (PDF: 2,433KB)
  13. To watch out in food poisoning with whelk (PDF: 751KB)
  14. About right hand-washing procedure (PDF: 233KB)
  15. About right hand-washing procedure (English) (PDF: 675KB)
  16. About right hand-washing procedure (Chinese, Chinese Traditional (PDF: 263KB)
  17. About right hand-washing procedure (Korean) (PDF: 545KB)
  18. About right hand-washing procedure (Vietnamese) (PDF: 376KB)
  19. ... (PDF: 506KB) that false eyelashes carry mind in ... food poisoning to enjoy delicious meal by takeout, delivery

Enlightenment video

Does the meat discolor properly? ... Campyrobacter food poisoning preventive story ... (YouTube video)

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