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About the food poisoning prevention by anisakid nematoda

Last update date February 21, 2019

With anisakid nematoda

Anisakid nematoda is parasite of semitransparency white of around 2-3cm and is parasitic on mackerel, sardine, saury, bonito, squid.

Image of insect body of anisakid nematoda
Insect body of anisakid nematoda

Symptom of food poisoning by anisakid nematoda

After having eaten sashimi or pickled mackerel with anisakid nematoda, more than ten hours after several hours, we may cause pain or nausea of the intense pit of the stomach. In addition, symptoms such as itch or rash due to allergic reaction may appear depending on people.

The points which prevent anisakid nematoda food poisoning

  1. We choose fresh fishery products and remove the internal organs immediately
  2. We do frozen processing (more than -20 degrees Celsius, 24 hours) and heating
  3. We confirm well and remove anisakid nematoda by viewing

Attention! Anisakis does not die in vinegar, wasabi, soy sauce!

Anisakis does not die in vinegar, wasabi, soy sauce of degree to use with normal dishes.
We take a frozen step (more than -20 degrees Celsius, 24 hours), and heating and cooking is effective for the prevention of food poisoning.

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