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Examination of parasite

Last update date March 18, 2019

We inspect parasite causing food poisoning.

kudoa seputempunkutata

With kudoa seputempunkutata

kudoa seputempunkutata is parasitic kind called viscous liquid sporozoan which is parasitic on fish of the sea mainly. After a lot of things in conjunction with olive flounder particularly for eating raw eat for food poisoning example, we wake up transient vomiting and diarrhea in several hours, but symptom is mild and recovers immediately.
It is decided to handle freshness olive flounder that thing more than 1.0 X sixth power of 10 units per 1 g of muscle was confirmed for eating raw as thing violating food hygiene law Article 6, and the number of the spore of kudoa carries out inspection about olive flounder circulating in market in our inspection place regularly.

The prevention of food poisoning by kudoa

-Pathogenicity of kudoa is lost in heating four hours or more frozen or leading temperature 75 degrees Celsius five minutes or more at 20 degrees Celsius.

kudoa measures in nursery

It is not revealed how kudoa is parasitic on olive flounder so far, but, for prevention of food poisoning by kudoa, it is necessary for exclusion of kudoa possession fry and appropriate breeding management, cleaning of breeding environment, inspection before shipment to take measures in the olive flounder nurseries.

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