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Examination of toxic poisoning bacteria

Last update date March 23, 2019

Infection type food poisoning

Staphylococcus aureus

We are distributed over the natural world widely. We habitually reside in human skin, throat, ear and nose particularly exist a lot for suppuration wound. Toxin called enterotoxin resisting heat to make when bacteria multiply in food causes food poisoning.
As this toxin is not destroyed in 100 degrees Celsius, heating of 20 minutes either, we have food poisoning even if we heat and cook enough afterwards when toxin is made in food once. Bacteria attach to food from polluted instrumentations from finger and finger of person to cook a lot with food poisoning due to these bacteria and are doing what we multiply with cause.
Laboratory procedure
We inoculate into ranoka mannite salt agar, and it is determined by biochemical property about typical colony.

Clostridium botulinum

Among the soil, we are distributed in mud such as the bottoms of the sea, and we are separated to A - G type by toxin. Even states without air multiply well, and even high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius does not readily perish. The feature of toxin of botsurinusu is that case fatality rate is strongly high. Main cause food can, bottle, vacuum packaged thing did without being, and was mustard lotus roots, but in late years there were retort pouch which could preserve food which needed chilling and preserving by simple vacuum packing at room temperature and example that it was in botsurinusu food poisoning because handled by mistake.
In addition, it is necessary to avoid honey to have possibilities to suffer from baby/infant botsurinusu symptom when baby/infant one year or younger eats honey.

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