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Examination for causative micro-organisms of food poisoning

Last update date March 23, 2019

With food poisoning

Food poisoning is "sanitary harm to get up by taking in microorganism, chemical substance, naturally occurring poison which it is included in food and additive, containers and packaging, and attached".
The food poisoning outbreak number has change by year, but occurs for around 1,000 a year, the number of patients for the number every year in after 20,000 portions after 2008. And 80% or more of etiologic agents are things due to bacteria and virus.
We introduce some food poisoning caused by bacteria here.
Bacterial food poisoning,

We can divide into three of this.

Infection type food poisoning

It is food poisoning happening by bacteria itself which attached.


Salmonella is distributed over all mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians widely, and probably it is not rare that it is separated from the soil, natural environments including river water by pollution from them. In addition, we resist drying well and live in the soil and frozen foods for several years. Cause food is egg and meat mainly.
Laboratory procedure
We do zenzokin using BPW to raise activity of active low bacteria and we do zokin in RV nutrient medium and TT nutrient medium afterwards and separate in DHL agar or kind of waterweed agar Salmonella nutrient medium and are settled by property examination.

Vibrio parahaemolyticus

As these bacteria habitually reside in seawater and mud of the sea, we are suitable for growth under the environment of about 3-7% of salinities, but we are poor at fresh water and cannot grow with tap water. In addition, we are poor at heat, too and perish in 60 degrees Celsius, heating for approximately ten minutes.
Because Vibrio parahaemolyticus begins to multiply with rise in seawater temperature, outbreak of food poisoning is the summertime, but outbreak of food poisoning is possible through one year because import ingredients increase.
Main cause food is marine products seafood, but there are many food poisoning examples caused by secondary pollution food through cutting board, dishcloth, finger. Bacteria multiply with moderate salt when polluted, and asazuke of vegetables causes food poisoning the second.
It is effective that prophylaxis washes fishery products with tap water before cooking well and to distinguish cutting board exclusively for fish. In addition, preservation makes 10 degrees Celsius or less and will eat eatables early.
Laboratory procedure
There are the MPN method and qualitative examination. We do zokin with alkali peptone water and separate with kind of waterweed agar vibrio or TCBS agar and we examine property and are settled.


Domestic animal, poultry, pets inhabit in intestinal tract of every animal. Therefore it is often caused by meat and the artefact and is infected from polluted water with human waste of wild animal and domestic animal. Even low temperature survives for a long term, and food poisoning is caused unlike other bacteria even in small quantities. In late years much food poisoning produces Yakitori which chicken sewing and heating are inadequate for as cause food.
We handle meat cleanly, and let's eat after heating center at 75 degrees Celsius enough more than one minute.

Eroticism Mona's

Most inhabit (0-3% of salinities) in fresh water and perish in large quantities when fish are infected. Also, we are recognized as infection bacteria to fat, muscular tissue and organ as diarrhea pathogen to Homo sapiens.
The source of infection is distributed over natural environments with thing by water system (river water, the coast seawater, mud and soil) widely, and fishery products, vegetables are detected with food widely.

pureshiomonasu shigeroidesu

It inhabits fresh water system and exists in water and worthless things such as river, pond, lake widely, and we come to be detected at the time of rise in water temperature of the summer well by water. There were few mass outbreak examples of our country, and heating insufficiency of water and fishery products was main cause.


After these bacteria inhabiting seas mingled with fresh water area of the neighborhood of river mouth where fresh water mixes with seawater, and having passed through latency period for 6-72 hours by taking in more than 1 million bacteria orally, it presents acute gastroenteritis symptoms such as watery diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever. It may present symptom of letter of cholera.

Vibrio Mimi refuse

As property is extremely similar to nagubiburio, and salinities can multiply in 6% or less, we are distributed over fresh water and seawater. Symptom due to these bacteria is similar to nagubiburio, too.

Vibrio full beer squirrel

It is often separated from seawater of nearshore waters and sea mingled with fresh water area and fishery products which inhabit there. As life is similar to Vibrio parahaemolyticus, it is thought that the cause food and infection course are similar.

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