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Examination for other physics and chemistry

Last update date March 15, 2019

Examination for pharmaceutical products for animal

In examination for food hygiene place, we inspect for cultured fishery products, hen's egg based on examination of residual toxic substance monitoring of *suisambutsu which Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare notified of.

Antibiotics (antibiotics, synthetic antimicrobials)

Antibiotics are produced by microorganism and are antibacterial agent controlling growth of other microorganism. Generally, we act on bacteria of limited type, but the usage becomes problem because resistant bacteria which do not work of antibiotics occur recently. Synthetic antimicrobials is antibacterial agent composed chemically for that.
Antibiotics, synthetic antimicrobials is used for livestock products, marine product as feed additive as pharmaceutical products for the purpose of treatment, the prevention of illness and growth promotion again. By the food hygiene law, the remaining standard value of antibiotics, synthetic antimicrobials can decide every classification of food to prevent that there is influence that is bad for our health by eating *suisambutsu using these.
We inspect items in the following tables in examination for food hygiene place.

Subject of examination antibiotics
Classification Example of the individual name
Tetracycline system
  • Oxytetracycline
  • Chlortetracycline
  • Tetracycline
Macrolide system
  • Erythromycin
Lincomycin system
  • Lincomycin

Subject of examination synthetic antimicrobials
Classification Example of the individual name
Sulfa drug system
  • Sulfaquinoxaline
  • Sulfadimidine
  • Sulfamerazine
  • OxoreNic acid
  • Ofloxacin
Benz imidazole system
  • Thiabendazol
  • Flubendazole
Folic acid antimetabolite system
  • Ormetoprim
  • Trimethoprim

Pharmaceutical products for other animals

Pharmaceutical products include used drug in livestock products, marine product as well as antibiotics.
We inspect items in the following tables in examination for food hygiene place.

Pharmaceutical products for other subject of examination animals
Classification Example of the individual name
Hormone drug
  • Methylprednisolone
  • Pyrantel
Antiprotozoan agent
  • etopabeto
  • Pyrimethamine


  • Femme fool
  • Xylazine

A very small amount of pollutant

In late years a great variety of chemical substances are produced by development of chemistry and industrial technology and are used. It became possible that we realized comfortable living environment by these. On the other hand, fishery products which lived there as those chemical substances flowed out into river and the sea were polluted, and medicine which we used for process of manufacture of food got mixed with food, and problem that entered mouth of consumers got up.
In addition, it is accumulated at organ and organization of fishery products without chemical substance used production in the past being dismantled in the natural world by remaining during environment, and there is worry to affect the human health by eating that.
In examination for food hygiene place, we carry out inspection about the following item.

Inspection of mercury

Mercury is used catalytically in chemical factories and is used for sphygmomanometer or thermometer.
Inorganic mercury which was included all in waste water of chemistry factory flowed into river and the sea, and Minamata disease and the Agano River mercury poisoning case that occurred in the past concentrated accumulation to fish after having changed to organic mercury (methylmercury) by work such as bacteria which were in mud of the water and the bottom and woke up poisoning by people eating that.
As poisoning symptom, central nerve disorders such as the paralysis, speech impediment of limbs, decline of eyesight are reported.

Examination for PCB

Production was canceled in 1972, but it is used for trance condenser, pressure-sensitive paper, paint, lubricant till then, and it is said that about 57,000 tons was made in total.
As poisoning symptom of PCB in Kanemi Rice-Oil yusho case, drop of eyesight, pimple-like exanthem, hepatomegaly, increase of neutral fat are reported.
Specimen collected in examination for food hygiene place is sent to Yokohama City Inst. of Health and is examined.

Food poisoning causative agent

Examination for histamine

As histamine eats food included in high density, food poisoning indicating allergic reaction such as hives and itch develops.
Histamine is made from histidine which is one of the essential amino acids by function of bacterial enzyme.
Therefore histidine-rich blue-skinned fish (mackerel, saury, sardine, horse mackerel) and dark fleshed fish (tuna, sailfish, bonito) and these artefacts are reported a lot as cause of food poisoning.
As histamine does not disintegrate in heating and cooking, it may not disappear even if we boil and bake. Thus, it is necessary to prevent histamine from being made to prevent food poisoning by histamine. In other words, it is important to keep at heating up enough before bacteria increases and temperature that bacteria does not multiply.
Fish is caught, and it might cause food poisoning cold storage immediately now we leave unattended after verge and the purchase of carrying around at the time of the purchase on the table with it is cases such as sashimi not to heat before eating and do, and to put to normal temperature for a long time as we refrigerate and are often kept.
We fillet even food heating up before heating, and temperature-controling such as not leaving unattended becomes important to normal temperature before and after processing soaking in liquid preparation.

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