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Toxic inspection (shellfish poisons, globefish poison)

Last update date July 8, 2019

Inspection of shellfish poisons

As bivalve (scallop, common mussel, clams, clam, oyster) eats toxic plankton (dinoflagellate) of seawater, accumulates toxin and says food poisoning which happens because people eat that or the causative agent with shellfish poisons.
We are classified in paralytic shellfish poison, diarrheal shellfish poisons, nervous shellfish poisons, memory loss-related shellfish poisons by symptom.
Poison ingredient includes saxitoxin, okadaic acid.

From time and production center that shellfish makes existence poison in examination for food hygiene place is toxic, and, depending on information, inspect paralytic shellfish poison and diarrheal shellfish poisons.

Paralytic shellfish poison

Lips, tongue, face, hands and feet are paralyzed after a meal in around 30 minutes.
In the case of slight illness, we recover in 24-48 hours.
In the case of serious case, symptoms such as motor deficit, headache, vomiting, speech impediment, driveling appear and may die of dyspnea when the paralysis progresses.

Diarrheal shellfish poisons

Intense diarrhea is main symptom and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. There is no death example.

Inspection of globefish poison

Globefish poison is strong neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin, of about 1,000 times of potassium cyanide it is said that is toxic.
Numbness or vomiting of lips and hands and feet appear in 1-3 jikanhodo after feeding as poisoning symptom with globefish poison, and, in the case of the worst, it is said that we result in death in approximately eight hours.
As for the globefish, toxic part varies according to types, and there is individual difference, too. Therefore, it is very dangerous that amateur cooks by half-finished knowledge.
Food poisoning due to globefish occurs every year, and most are things by amateur cooking at home. Globefish will eat in shop where cook is with specialized qualification.

Globefish donated in store, restaurant is processed appropriately in Kanagawa by master of globefish kitchen knife which acquired license cooking globefish by "the Kanagawa globefish handling and the sale regulations".
In examination for food hygiene place, visual examination and toxicity inspect market targeting at circulating globefish artefacts whether toxic part is removed.

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