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Examination of examination and GLP of food

Last update date March 28, 2019

About examination of examination of food

As for the food, various standards and standards are determined by the food hygiene law. We examine and give a test to determine whether these standards and standards are filled market with about circulating food.
In consideration of distribution time of food, we perform premeditatedly, and examination of examination inspects examination promptly when we discover food that violation is doubted during monitoring. In addition, we examine and inspect for food which safety is doubted, and becomes problem socially.
When discover food with mistake in indication food which is incompatible with food considered to have problem in hygiene and ingredient standard as a result of inspection, report to straight production center, and sale prohibition, the disposal of food are necessary; take a step.

Examination for physics and chemistry

We test whether used pesticides do not remain behind more than standard.

Coloring agent and preservatives, fungicide are used with right use, quantity or perform inspection whether use additive is displayed definitely.

We inspect paralytic shellfish poison of bivalve, diarrheal shellfish poisons and globefish poison.

We inspect antibacterial agent, mercury, histamine of fish mainly.

Examination of bacteria

We inspect general standard plate count, number of the coliform bacteria, having Escherichia coli or not and are checking the degree of pollution by bacteria of food.

We inspect causative micro-organisms of food poisoning such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus, staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella.

In the winter season, we inspect norovirus by gene analysis mainly on oyster for eating raw mainly.

We inspect kudoa seputempunkutata which is parasite of olive flounder by gene analysis using microscope and real-time PCR mainly.

About GLP

For the purpose of securing precision and reliability of inspection, we set each standard work book about inspection plan, conduct, record, report in inspection place and carry out inspection based on this.
This concept is called GLP (Good Laboratry Practice) and performs the following measures in examination for food hygiene place.

  • It is based on work book by a series of inspection duties from removal (extraction) of food to grant of inspection results notification as standard equipment.
  • We install head of securing of reliability section in Yokohama City Inst. of Health in head of inspection section, inspection division people in charge in inspection place.
  • Also, precision management section checks with confirmation whether it was carried out without inspection duties deviating from standard work book whether the handling such as metering equipment, medicine was appropriate.
  • We participate in outside precision management investigation with outside engine a few times a year. In addition, we perform internal precision management to perform in own inspection section.

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