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News about suicide measures

Last update date March 22, 2019

Yokohama to assist that is connected that lives in Yokohama-shi suicide measures site

Suicide measures of Yokohama-shi (the outside site)

For your important next one step...

For oneself

Yourself may be in the hard situation with trouble now.

Do you not deepen understanding about disease and mental health care of heart, suicide measures?

We show around consultation so that heart can lighten even a little.

For important person

You call out if you notice unusual state of immediate person and snuggle up, and please listen to story.

You deepen understanding to disease of heart, and please show around consultation organization, if necessary.

It will be that you can surely help.
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To you who lost important person by own death (suicide)

You lose important person, and you may come in sorrow and confusion.

You talk to somebody without taking on hard feeling alone, and do you not share thought?


Cabinet Office which is suicide measures reinforcement month in March

Heart is the maintenance shiyo MHLW, too

To 9 capital prefecture city special pages

go-proof suicide whole country mental health welfare center long meeting

The mental health MHLW of all

The ear MHLW of heart

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Health consultation center of Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle Welfare Division heart

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Telephone: 045-671-4455

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