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Cancer screening

※From the viewpoint of extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, in the case of health check-up consultation, please examine consultation time after consultation medical institution and enough consultation. ※We are going to reopen about group medical examination in Health and Welfare Center after July, but you inquire in each ward Health and Welfare Center beforehand, and confirmation, please about infection measures to want you to carry out toward status and the testee (wearing of mask, conduct of thermometry).

Last update date June 29, 2020

Cancer screening


We detect cancer which is the first place of the cause of death early and tie to appropriate treatment.


The workplace which meets the following age requirements elsewhere in without consultation opportunity including health check-up
※Please consult with family doctor now as person under treatment may not have a medical examination.

About 2020 cancer screening system

1. Age that is targeted for cancer screening

Cancer screening (large intestine, stomach, the lungs, uterine cervix, milk, the prostate) reaches birthday during from April 2, 2020 to April 1, 2021, and, as for the following cancer screening table becoming target age, consultation is possible.

 Target age chart
Target ageThe date of birth
50 years or olderPerson who was born before April 1, 1971 (Showa 46)
40 years or olderPerson who was born before April 1, 1981 (Showa 56)
20 years or olderPerson who was born before April 1, 2001 (Heisei 13)

2. Colon cancer health check-up

We assume self-burden (600 yen) to depend on health check-up free of charge.

2020 cancer screening table

2020 cancer screening table
Type of health check-upThe consultation number of timesEligible peopleExpense (Japanese yen)Inspection item
Colon cancerIt is once in 200140 years or older (man and woman)Free of chargeInterview, fecal occult-blood testing
Stomach cancer (X-rays or endoscope) * 1It is once in 200250 years or older (man and woman)3,140Interview, X-ray check (barium)
Interview, endoscopy * 2
Lung cancerIt is once in 200140 years or older (man and woman)680Interview, the chest X-ray check
Uterine cervix cancer * 3It is once in 200220 years or older (woman)1,360Interview, examination of neck cytodiagnosis
Breast cancer (choice system of a or b) * 4It is once in 200240 years or older (woman)Examination of a mammography ... 680Examination of mammography alone
Examination of b clinical examination + mammography, 1,370Examination of clinical examination and mammography
Prostate cancerIt is once in 200150 years or older (man)1,000Interview, blood test

*1 stomach cancer health check-up cannot consult X-ray check and both endoscopic in the same year.
  In addition, please be careful as you cannot undergo X-ray check and endoscopy in turn in the consecutive year.
*Person that endoscopy is hoped for in 2 stomach cancer health check-up take health insurance card by all means on the day of the consultation.
  Endoscopy may perform biopsy to gather mucous membrane piece for the purpose of pathological examination for definitive diagnosis in the middle of health check-up.
  As this biopsy becomes medical service under health insurance, it costs separately.
*We perform body cancer screening at the same time only when we judge doctor to be necessary in the case of 3 uterine cervix cancer health check-up.
  Expense of the case is 2,620 yen (neck cancer + body cancer).
*Clinical examination is choice system, and, as for 4 breast cancer health check-up, as for the examination of mammography, consultation is required. We receive clinical examination and examination of mammography with separate medical institutions
  Thing is possible, but please be careful as you cannot receive clinical examination after having received examination of mammography.
  (in addition, as for the mammography, two directions, 50 years or older photograph 1 direction for 40 generations as of shooting day.)
※When we have a medical examination without opening appropriate consultation distance (cases that we received twice before the year), we may have you pay your own in full.
※As you do not send consultation ticket, please make a reservation for telephones to conduct medical institution in Yokohama-shi directly.
※When it becomes "overhaul required" as a result of health check-up, overhaul has expense burden to become medical service under health insurance.

Person (as you cannot exempt expense after having received ※ health check-up, please be careful.) whom expense exempts

・People (person who was born before April 1, 1951) as of April 1, 2021 70 years or older
→You can confirm age, and please show (health insurance cards) in health check-up.
・Person whom medical system for elder senior citizens is applied to
→Please show "identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured" in health check-up.
・People in social security household
→Please show "identifications of request for medical treatment such as holiday, the night" in health check-up.
・Person that support payment system is applied to Chinese residual Japaneses
→Please show "identification of identity verification" in health check-up.
・Only as for tax-free household or the per capita rate, municipal tax prefectural tax is people in taxation household in 2019
(based on income in 2018 of all the members of household.)
→Procedure is necessary before health check-up. Please refer to ward office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section of ward to live.

※Colon cancer health check-up is not necessary for application of reduction of taxes confirmation for self-burden for free in 2020.

Consultation method

・Medical institution: Please refer to medical institution hoped for beforehand on conduct day. → Conduct medical institution list is this
・Mobile health clinic (breast cancer health check-up: Minami Ward, Sakae Ward), Health and Welfare Center (lung cancer health check-up): We reopen after July, but you inquire in each ward Health and Welfare Center beforehand, and confirmation, please about infection measures to want you to carry out toward status and the testee (wearing of mask, conduct of thermometry).
・Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital preventive health care center (former: cancer screening center) telephone needs reservations. TEL045-316-6540
※Person that endoscopy is hoped for in stomach cancer health check-up take health insurance cards by all means on the day of the consultation.

About the current situation of cancer screening

There is merit by to discover in cancer screening early before symptom of cancer comes out, and to be connected for early treatment, can decrease the death rate due to cancer.
On the other hand, as for the probability, there is demerit that gastrointestinal perforation (there is hole) produces for inspection of cancer screening, e.g., endoscopy very much although it is low.
In addition, we cannot find 100% cancer by cancer screening either, and there is limit. Therefore, in Yokohama-shi, we perform precision management for better cancer screening, but recommend early consultation to medical institution even if judged that "there is no abnormality" by cancer screening when afterwards some kind of symptoms come out.

For more details, please see the following homepages
※Thing about merit demerit of cancer screening
Association of Japan vs. cancer (the outside site) (the outside site)
National cancer research center cancer measures information center "cancer information service" (the outside site) (the outside site)

Cancer screening promotion business

We carry out uterine cervix cancer, breast cancer for free health check-up in object toward the specific age (eligible people).

Uterine cervix cancer health check-up for free coupon eligible people

Age (※)

The date of birth

20 years old

From April 2, 1999 (Heisei 11) to April 1, 2000 (Heisei 12)


Breast cancer health check-up for free coupon eligible people

Age (※)

The date of birth

40 years old

From April 2, 1979 (Showa 54) to April 1, 1980 (Showa 55)

※Age is thing as of April 1, 2020.
Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease expansion, shipment time of free coupon of 2020 becomes undecided. We will tell after the shipment some other time on our homepage, but handle copayment as free of charge if we can confirm the date of birth equal to the object mentioned above with health insurance cards with medical institution till coupon reaches from April 1, 2020.


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