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Yokohama-shi Health Checkups

Last update date January 13, 2021

※Emergency declaration is announced under Kanagawa on January 7, 2021, but carries out Yokohama-shi Health Checkups sequentially.
 However, as, depending on conduct medical institution, we may stop conduct of medical examination based on trend of new coronavirus infectious disease,
Please have a medical examination after confirmation to consultation planned medical institution beforehand.
 In addition, on consultation, we confirm that there is no problem in physical condition, and cooperation, please for infection measures including hand-washing before and after wearing and consultation of mask.

Yokohama-shi Health Checkups

The next person can receive Yokohama-shi Health Checkups which Yokohama-shi enforces. About the details, please click sentence below.

  • Medical system for elder senior citizens person insured living in the city ※1
  • People (including person becoming 40 years old before the year) among social security recipients living in the city 40 years or older
  • Residual Japanese support payment system application living in the city in China (including person becoming 40 years old before the year) 40 years or older ※2

Announcement of Yokohama-shi Health Checkups

※Eligible people of 1 medical system for elder senior citizens person insured are people corresponding to any of the following.
  Oh, people (from 75-year-old birthday) 75 years or older
  Degree constant more than I-65 year with under 75 years old (from day when we received authorization) which received authorization of interjurisdictional affiliation when there was in state of obstacle
※Eligible people of 2 authorized Chinese residual Japaneses are person and the spouses meeting all next conditions.
  Oh, person who was born after April 2, 1911
  Person who was born before i December 31, 1946
  Person who has Address to this country sequentially more than one year from day when cormorant returned to its own country to live permanently
  Oh, person who returned to the own country to live permanently for the first time after April 1, 1961

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