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Citizen's health promotion service, system Yokohama-shi Health Checkups

※Following the fact that emergency declaration of Kanagawa was canceled on May 25, we restarted conduct of Yokohama-shi Health Checkups from May 26. As you may stop conduct of Yokohama-shi Health Checkups under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease depending on conduct medical institution, please refer to consultation planned medical institution for state of implementation on consultation directly.

Last update date May 26, 2020

Yokohama-shi Health Checkups


As one of the lifestyle-related diseases prevention measures mainly on circulatory organ diseases such as heart disease, stroke, we carry out Health Checkups toward the eligible people once in the year.


Kanagawa medical system for elder senior citizens person insured having Address in Yokohama-shi ※1
People (including person becoming 40 years old before the year) among social security recipients having Address in Yokohama-shi 40 years or older
Residual Japanese support payment system application to have Address in Yokohama-shi in China (including person becoming 40 years old before the year) 40 years or older ※2

But it does not apply to applicable person next.
Person who is entering special elderly nursing homes where The Long-term Care Insurance becomes application

※Eligible people of 1 medical system for elder senior citizens person insured are people corresponding to any of the following.
  Oh, people (from 75-year-old birthday) 75 years or older
  Degree constant more than I-65 year with under 75 years old (from day when we received authorization) which received authorization of interjurisdictional affiliation when there was in state of obstacle

※Eligible people of 2 authorized Chinese residual Japaneses are person and the spouses meeting all next conditions.
  Oh, person who was born after April 2, 1911
  Person who was born before i December 31, 1946
  Person who has Address to this country sequentially more than one year from day when cormorant returned to its own country to live permanently
  Oh, person who returned to the own country to live permanently for the first time after April 1, 1961

Inspection item

Examination for required items are as follows.

  • Interview (subjective symptoms, anamnesis)
  • Physical examination (ocular inspection, munebu*da*, abdominal touch)
  • Physical measurement (height, weight, degree of corpulence (BMI))
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Urinalysis (sugar, protein, occult bleeding)
  • Blood test (neutral fat, HDL - cholesterol, LDL - cholesterol, GOT, GPT, γ-GTP, creatinine, uric acid, fasting blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C)
  • Girth of the abdomen (40 years old - 74 years old apply.)

Choice inspection items are as follows. We carry out examination of choice based on judgment of doctor giving Health Checkups.

  • Examination of circulatory organ (examination of electrocardiography, examination of the fundus)
  • Inspection (hematocrit level, red count, hemoglobin level) such as anemia

※About medical examination result, it inflects as statistics data.
※We may utilize personal information of consulted person for health instruction.

Conduct place

A lot of conduct medical institutions health check-up conduct medical institution table (distinction)


Free of charge

Consultation method

You make a reservation with conduct medical institution on the telephone directly, and please apply.
Conduct medical institution clicks the next sentence, and please confirm.
Various health check-up conduct medical institution tables (distinction)

To where 75 years old is reached within this year

As which was able to already receive medical examination (if Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance "specific medical examination") in employee health insurance which we joined by the day before on 75 years old birthday cannot receive Yokohama-shi Health Checkups this year, please be careful.
※The year is March 31 in - next year on April 1.

About Address place exception system

In people having identification of medical system for elder senior citizens person insured whom Kanagawa issues
When we are transferred from Yokohama-shi and are entered facility corresponding to Address place exception of the suburbs,
We can receive Yokohama-shi Health Checkups by application.
But it becomes consultation only with conduct medical institution in Yokohama-shi.
When wish to apply, to City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section (045-671-2453)
Please refer.


Dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi kenshin
Reception hours 8:30-17:15 (except Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays)
TEL 045-664-2606
FAX 045-663-4469

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City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section

Telephone: 045-671-2453

Telephone: 045-671-2453

Fax: 045-663-4469

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