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About Yokohama wellness partners

Last update date September 8, 2020

With Yokohama wellness partners

It is open network for creation of promotion of "healthy management" that Yokohama-shi cooperates with all of company, the groups as for "the Yokohama wellness partners" and promotes citizen's health promotion and health-related service.
Company having you register assumes four partners as group. We can register one company, group as plural partners.

"Practice partner"
: Company, group of city practicing healthy management
"Service partner"
: Company, group inside and outside the city to plan health-related service, and to provide
"Support partner"
: Company, group inside and outside the city supporting activity of practice partner and service partner -
"The media partner"
: Company, group inside and outside the city sending information about approach to the inside and outside

It is figure of system.
It is figure of system of Yokohama wellness partners.

As for the establishment prospectus, please see this. Establishment prospectus (PDF: 157KB)
As for the list of registration company, groups, please see this. List of registration company, groups (PDF: 1,203KB)

※With "healthy management:"
When approach of healthy maintenance, increases such as employees is investment to raise profitability of company, we arrest and are to practice health promotion of employee from management-like viewpoint strategically.
※"Healthy management" is registered trademark of non profit organization health management society.

List of service partner offer, services

We show service, product information about healthy management, health connection that Yokohama wellness partners registration company provides and support practice, continuation, activation of health management in the city company.
We made list of service, products which service partner provided to be able to choose service, product which was useful for approach of healthy management.
"Health-related service, product inspection" (PDF: 1,555KB)
※About contents of service and product published in this PR sheet, Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility about accuracy of the contents and safety.
 In addition, Yokohama-shi does not take all responsibility for the damage, loss that user put on by information placed in this PR sheet.
※We apply Yokohama-shi insertion standard mutatis mutandis and, in publication of this PR sheet, examine. When we take as contents which publication to city homepage does not deserve, we change without notice or may delete.

Menu to Yokohama wellness partners registrant

Holding such as healthy management seminars

・By healthy management seminars, we hold information sharing of healthy management practice example.
・We perform approach of the healthy management spread promotion to the city company.

<the latest holding results>
We held general meeting of Yokohama wellness partners.
The date: Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Venue: Yokohama SHINPO dia
* Lecture by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry healthcare industry section
* Health care business approach example introduction by the city company
* Exchange meeting by registration company
State of general meeting

State of general meeting


Support such as healthy management, development of healthy service, product concerned

・At places such as healthy management seminars, we introduce healthy management-related services.
・Healthy management-related services support matching of university-industry research collaboration for development, place of cooperation, proof experiment between companies.
・In addition, we support approach for healthy management, health allied business creation.

Reporting about healthy management

We send information to be useful for creation of healthy management promotion and healthy allied business by email.
Please utilize Yokohama health management certification system.

Yokohama wellness partners registration method

"Company name" (furigana) "full name" (furigana) "belonging" "post" "Address" "telephone" "E-mail"
"Type (we plurally select choice (from the "practice" "service" "support" "media" possible)) of partner"
You specify this, and please send email to the following "Yokohama wellness partners secretariat".

※About the handling of personal information
As a general rule, in information that had you register, we will announce "company name" and "type of partner".
When public announcement is not hoped for, please contact so at the time of registration.
In addition, other than sending of guidance various as for other information to have you provide at the time of registration in the secretariat,
We may use for notification in conjunction with this business. We do not use for purpose except this at all.

<registration> The Yokohama wellness partners secretariat
Registration mail sending point: [email protected]

Contact information
Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau industrial cooperation promotion charging talk: 045-671-3495
Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support charging talk: 045-671-4236
City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business charging talk: 045-671-2454

Establishment on Facebook

We establish Facebook to send healthy management and hesukeabijinesu information at any time.
<URL of account> (the outside site)

Operational policy, please identify this.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Telephone: 045-671-2451

Telephone: 045-671-2451

Fax: 045-663-4469

E-Mail address [email protected]

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