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Last update date April 13, 2020

It is collection of materials in conjunction with contents of health Yokohama 21.
You can utilize even health promotion activity in school in the city or office, local health promotion group.
(note) copyright of materials subsists in creator (Yokohama-shi or making organization).

Meal balance guide (leaflet)

Image 2 of meal balance guide

Image 1 of meal balance guide

We explain "meal balance guide" who knows "what" we should eat "how long" to take nutrition in a good balance.
Meal balance guide (PDF: 5,139KB) (February, 2016 revision)

Meal balance guide (panel)

Image 4 of meal balance fellow

Image 3 of meal balance guide

We explain "meal balance guide" who knows "what" we should eat "how long" to take nutrition in a good balance.
Meal balance guide (PDF: 790KB) (October, 2010 making)

Let's utilize nutrition ingredient indication!

Nutrition ingredient indication is important source of information who is useful for health promotion. Let's inflect in everyday health promotion.
Skill in inflection ... (PDF: 865KB) of selection of food - nutrition ingredient indication that intellect profits

When we purchase food that functionality is displayed to consumers, as well as catch phrase, let's confirm indication of package well! (PDF: 2,150KB) (Consumer Affairs Agency making)

Image 2 of functional indication food

Image 1 of functional indication food

kenkuchi guide

We introduce method of basic contents and mouth care of oral cavity function, conduct method of kenkuchitaiso. [Yokohama-shi dental association making]

As for the leaflet about passive smoking, please see page of leaflet about "City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau non-smoking NOTE" cigarette.

hamatore (leaflet)

We introduce training that paid its attention to five elements about to be able to walk well forever if "we walk". It can inflect for the prevention of locomotive syndrome.
hamatore (the outside site)
We care, and it is prevented by cheerful house

Health record book

Cover of health record book
Cover image of health record book

We make "health record book" to have you make use for own health care and appropriate medical security in Yokohama-shi.
Person who wish to issue notebook in people having place of residence in eligible people ..., Motoichi 40 years or older.
As for grant place ..., medical examination, it is conduct medical institution others, each ward Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division

※Mention contents are at March, 2020, and changes such as system or window are possible while it is used.

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