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The second health Yokohama 21

Last update date April 1, 2019

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Postpone healthy life expectancy, and the life like you!
Is it not that anyone expects to be able to spend days like oneself well forever?
To that end, it is important not only we say that we say that we postpone merely life, but also to postpone healthy life expectancy *.
It is guideline of health promotion which paid its attention to lifestyle-related diseases which is the civic biggest health problem in Yokohama-shi
We devised the second plan (the 2013-2022 year) of health Yokohama 21.
Through approach of the second health Yokohama 21, we perform health promotion although being a pleasure, and let's aim at life like oneself healthy.

*Healthy life expectancy is period when we can live without everyday life being restricted by health problem.
Arrow iconIn Yokohama-shi, we devised concrete plan "Yokohama health action Stage2" (the 2018-2022 year) to promote "the second health Yokohama 21". As for the detailed contents, please see "Yokohama health action stage2".

Arrow iconAbout plan contents of the first health Yokohama 21, look at "the first health Yokohama 21".

Let's enjoy health promotion from place where oneself can do it!

Generation (the infants period - youth) of the breeding, learning is this

Work, child care generation (adulthood) is this

Generation (the advanced age period) of bearing fruit is this

April 20, 2018
We published civic health promotion plan "second health Yokohama 21 middle evaluation report".
November 10, 2017
About civic health promotion plan "second health Yokohama 21 middle evaluation", we raise opinions of citizen's all of you! ※Opinion offer was finished.
November 1, 2016
"Yokohama-shi Health Promotion Act Article 31 Paragraph 1 relations administrative action established acting director summary" (PDF: 555KB). (Public announcement contents (PDF: 462KB)

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